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Lydian – Day 29 – Manuel Antonio National Park

We got to see a sloth. The likelihood of getting to see a sloth at any national park, anywhere, at any time, is a rare occurrence. I suppose that we’re very lucky people. Actually, I think that we got to see two of these rather adorably ugly creatures. We also got to see some crocodiles alongside a river on the way to the national park. They were HUGE! They were probably 10 feet or something like that. We ...
Central AmericaCosta RicaNorth America

Manuel Antonio National Park

It's a major tourist destination in Costa Rica. What can I say that has not already been said in guidebooks? It’s so hard to write about tourist destinations because they are a little bit “canned”. The experience of going to a tourist destination is a lot like riding a train. There is never any question about where the train is going or where it will end up. There are no digressions along the way. The only ...
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