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My Opinion of My Opinions…Regarding Dogs and Other Things

Yesterday, for the first time, I got to see the dog next door that has awakened me every morning and often throughout the night as well as interrupting and disrupting my days ever since we’ve been here in Atenas, Costa Rica. I have envisioned a Chihuahua. An ugly, stupid little dog that’s completely annoying and lacking in personality. I have pictured myself kicking this annoying, stupid personality-less ...
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Lydian – Day 51 – Okay… I’ve Had Enough of the Whole “Little Bugs Are Crawling All Over Me” Now.

I’m serious. I’ve had it. As I write this I feel like I have various bugs of all different shapes and sizes crawling on me. My mom got bitten by a creepy-crawly yesterday (Ick!). They all hate me, and they all want to kill me, and they refuse to go away. I want to go home to my bug free environment, and that’s just what I’m going to do in seven days.Yesterday night, I came across a bunch of ants that were ...
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Dogs in Costa Rica and Elsewhere

I have to say a word about the dogs here in Costa Rica because every single day that I’ve spent here has started with the sound of one yipping. Back home in the United States, I sometimes get weary of the silence. It’s true. I mean, the church bells that ring every hour can seriously interrupt my writing work (especially when they play hymns for 3 to 5 minutes at a time) and the trains that go by about a ...
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