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The Uncomfortable Relationship between Low Probability and Possibility

We are nearing the halfway point of our travels here to Costa Rica. We’ve just moved to a new house where we’ve been for 5 days now. Last weekend we went to Volcan Poas and Manuel Antonio National Park. And today, we’re supposed to go visit the orphanage here in Atenas to see if we are “good enough” to volunteer.I have a generalized feeling of stress and I believe it is coming from the interactions I’ve ...
Central AmericaCosta RicaNorth America

Jennifer-Day 31- The Smell of Arrogance and Conceit

We stopped at the orphanage yesterday to talk with someone about doing a little bit of volunteer work. The woman in charge, luckily, speaks English. She’s American but grew up in Papua New Guinea with missionary parents. Her story is strikingly similar to the tale told by the vacation rental property manager in La Fortuna. He had grown up in the Congo with missionary parents. I’m not sure which place would ...
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