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Costa Rican Independence Day

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Jennifer- Day 38- Escape from Regret

Today is the Costa Rican Independence Day (September 15th). I could go out, or I could stay home. I could walk to the park or I could take a bus to San Jose. I could read, I could write. It's my choice, which fits well with the theme of the day. But I'm not sure. What should I do?Our trip to Costa Rica has not gone as planned. To be honest, the plan was very sketchy when we boarded the plane to come here, ...
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Dia de Independencia en Costa Rica

In truth, today is not yet the Costa Rican Independence Day. That happens tomorrow. Tonight the big event happened at 6:00 PM, approximately 26 minutes ago. The Costa Rican national anthem played on the speakers all over the country and patriotic Ticos were supposed to stop what they were doing and sing along.I’ve read about the Costa Rican Independence Day in guidebooks and they sensationalize the ...
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