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Transit Without Visa in Spain as a Myanmar Citizen – By Lydian Shipp

Spain is a major hub for flying to and from Ecuador, Mexico, and other Latin American countries, so when we learned that it’s possible for Myanmar citizens to transit through Spain, we were excited. I was initially worried that Spain would be difficult to transit through, but our experience was very positive.

After we got off the plane from Qatar, our first mission was to find a representative from the next airline we’d be flying on (Iberia) to ask them to help us get our next tickets and to guide us through the process of staying on the international transit side so that Naing Naing could transit smoothly. But, we didn’t have to find the Iberia representative: they found us!

After we’d gotten off the plane, there was a small group of airport representatives waiting with names on pieces of paper. They held tickets, so I looked at the papers and found Naing Naing’s and my name on the papers. We showed the woman our passports, and she gave us the tickets for our next flight along with instructions on how to get to the next gate without leaving the airport.

We had to pass through a security checkpoint right before we entered our terminal, but we were almost the only ones there. A man checked our passports and tickets, and we went on through. We didn’t know our gate number until 1 hour before departure though, so we waited around in the S Terminal checking the computer screens to see if our gate had been listed yet until it was finally time to board.

Getting on the plane, we handed the flight attendant our passports, she scanned them both along with our tickets, and we got on the plane without a hitch. Spain was probably one of the easiest places that we transited through, besides Panama.

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