How to Get a Guatemala Visa as a Myanmar Citizen – Lydian Shipp
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How to Get a Guatemala Visa as a Myanmar Citizen – Lydian Shipp

The Guatemala Embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We had to get the help of the nearby security guard in order to enter the embassy. He asked for our passports and the reason why we were visiting, and then he let us in to get started on the visa process.

Getting a Guatemala visa for Naing Naing, a Myanmar citizen, was straightforward and simple. We applied for the visa at the Guatemala embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We were able to enter Honduras after flying into Nicaragua and receiving a visa-on-arrival from Nicaragua. Through the CA-4 agreement between Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, Naing Naing was allowed to also enter Honduras via land travel from Nicaragua. But, after we were turned away at the El Salvador border, we decided to bypass El Salvador completely and try to get a fully-fledged Guatemala visa instead to avoid the situation we encountered at the border between Honduras and El Salvador.

Our experience at the Guatemala Embassy in Tegucigalpa was excellent. The people were friendly, and the requirements were easy for us to get/follow. Here are the Guatemala visa requirements:

  • Passport + 2 copies
    • I was required to provide copies of my passport too because I was providing my bank statements as proof that Naing Naing could support himself financially.
  • 2 copies of a “constancia” – A letter from your employer that proves that you have a job and can support yourself
  • 2 passport-size photos
  • Completed “solicitud” (Provided at the embassy, keep in mind that the solicitud is in Spanish. Here is a PDF of the form that we filled out:
  • 2 copies of your most recent bank statements to prove that you can pay for yourself during your time in Guatemala
    • $500/month is sufficient from my previous reading, although the monthly amount didn’t seem to be as important as the overall total
    • Because Naing Naing and I are married, they allowed us to use my bank statements instead of his (which we didn’t have access to that day or we would’ve used his instead).
  • Proof of entry and exit from Guatemala **
  • Proof of where you’ll be staying in Guatemala **

**We were not required to provide these two things, but for some people the embassy may need to see them. Make sure to book REFUNDABLE exit tickets if you need outbound tickets and you’re unsure of you’re next destination. Provide a printed copy of your hotel or Airbnb reservation in Guatemala as proof of where you’ll be staying (NOTE: Even if you’ll be moving to a new location after you’re arrival, that’s fine. Just put the first address you’ll be staying at in Guatemala.).

Before Naing Naing could officially apply for the visa, we had to go to the Office Depot (about a 10-minute walk away from the Guatemala embassy) to print the constancia and to get extra copies of our passports. For about 10 pages we paid only a couple dollars (or less). After we had all our documents in order (we already had passport-size photos with us, so we didn’t have to get those), we went back to the Guatemala embassy to submit the documents for review.

Naing Naing was approved, and we were given the choice between a single entry 30-day tourist visa ($50USD) or a multiple entry 90-day tourist visa ($150USD). Either one was acceptable, so we chose the 90-day visa to make sure we had plenty of time in Guatemala to do whatever we needed to do, and also to make sure we’d be able to get back into Honduras if necessary. So the visa was approved, but before Naing Naing got the visa stamp in his passport, we had to go to the MultiPlaza mall to deposit the $150 visa fee at the BAC bank (first we had to convert our Lempiras into USD, and then we paid the fee and received an official receipt).

When we returned with the official receipt that we’d paid the visa fee, Naing Naing got the visa stamp in his passport and we were good to go. Entering Guatemala from Honduras was relatively painless. The immigration guards at the El Florido border crossing spent more time looking at Naing Naing’s passport as usual (they even took pictures of every page and made scans of his passport), but we got in without any snags. Again, the immigration officials were friendly and easy to communicate with, which made the whole situation more comfortable. 

The entire process of applying for the Guatemala visa took us about 3 hours from beginning to end. We arrived in the morning around 9:30/10 and we walked out of the Guatemala embassy with the visa shortly before the Guatemala consulate closed at 1PM.

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