Spring Break — By Jennifer Shipp

Spring Break — By Jennifer Shipp

Spring comes around again

Into my hemisphere

And I feel something missing

Something that was lost in the winter

That fell from my heart like teardrops


I imagine the green and I exhilarate

Over the possibility

Of having fewer imperfections this time

Though the imperfections are the most

Sun-drenched parts of me that poke through the soil

Like lilacs

I became brittle in the cold

But as loved ones

Melt off me like icicles on the Ides of March

I can feel my fingers

One more cold blast from the angry Siberian prisoners

As a shivering fugitive, I’m stronger.

Fascinated by the who-I-am that I hadn’t noticed before.

I begin to see myself and

I begin to disappear

As my vision improves, I become blind.

Time that I wasted. Time that I survived.

The roughly etched tally

Is still on the wall.

Even as I walk free.

And the escape

Scares me and makes me giddy

To be free

To have seen the drama and the plot unfolding

Like a napkin

In the cafeteria

That was thrown away after cleaning up the mess.

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