Update on John’s Spot: At-Home Cancer Cures and Cancer Prevention Everyone Should Know About – By Jennifer Shipp
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Update on John’s Spot: At-Home Cancer Cures and Cancer Prevention Everyone Should Know About – By Jennifer Shipp

John still has a lightly colored spot on his forehead where he developed melanoma last year. The spot doesn’t look or behave like melanoma now. No doctor on earth would diagnose him with melanoma because it isn’t melanoma anymore. It doesn’t look like melanoma and John isn’t sick. But last year, the spot was very dark and growing rapidly. We never saw an oncologist. We never tried to have it removed or treated with chemo or radiation. A daring move, right?

Maybe not.

In fact, maybe going to the oncologist is the scary thing to do. It’s a hard thought, I know. A lot of people don’t want to hear it because they have loved ones who died of cancer—loved ones who first endured the torture of chemotherapy and radiation before finally succumbing to the ravages of the treatment or to the disease. It’s hard to look that in the face if someone you love died fo cancer and consider the possibility that baking soda could cure this disease. I get it. It was hard for me to accept some of these treatments too initially. My grandma died of cancer about a month before Lydian was born. She’d been very excited to see Lydian, but she never got to. She died frightened and wide-eyed and in pain.

There was nothing else the doctors could do for her when she died.

Grandma was diagnosed with cancer before she actually had the disease. She had been having some stomach issues and so she had an MRI. The MRI showed that her intestines were full of cancer. Grandma cried. She was terrified. She begged to not have surgery. She told my dad and his brothers that she didn’t want to have chemo and radiation. She asked my dad and his brothers to spare her the torture, but they couldn’t support it. It seemed like the wrong thing to do, after all…to go against the doctor’s wishes. The brothers felt that surgery, chemo, and radiation was the right thing to do. But when the doctors opened her up, Grandma didn’t have cancer. There was only a tiny little growth in her intestines that could’ve been cancer. The doctors removed it.

Then, they gave her a dose of chemo anyway—just for good measure.

Grandma developed intestinal cancer within the requisite 5 years. Five years is the amount of time most people survive after they go through chemotherapy because chemo is so toxic to the body. Chemo has a “cure rate” of only 2-3% so it actually causes more cancer than it cures. So, after the chemo, Grandma died in a hospital bed in pain and terrified.

No one ever wondered about the weird MRI scan that showed a belly full of cancer that wasn’t there. No one in my family ever considered the fact that my other Grandma developed uterine cancer but never had chemo. This Grandma, on my mom’s side, lived a long time after her hysterectomy and never had a cancer relapse. And my parents are still very skeptical about all the cancer cures I talk about. I understand. If they were to believe what I’m saying about cancer, it means that they could’ve saved someone they love from a lot of pain and agony. They maybe could’ve even saved their lives.

A person would have to feel angry and maybe very sad in order to accept these thoughts about curing cancer.

But I want to tell people about our family’s experiences with cancer cures nonetheless because people need to know. Some people are ready to know. So if you’re ready to know, I’ll tell you some experiences I’ve had with these cancer cures. But prepare yourself for an even bigger thought: AIDs, malaria, diabetes, and even major paralysis (quadriplegia) can be cured if certain, little known substances and treatments are properly applied in the right way and at the right time.

I can’t talk about it all in one blog post. I tried to put all of what Lydian and I found in a book, but she and I had to make it into 3 volumes because it was 500-pages long. And at the end of it all, Lydian and I decided not to talk about some of the most ground-breaking aspects of our research because these things are hard to understand. It challenges our basic assumptions about life and health, energy, and our connection to the world and other people. But let me just say that a number of very intelligent and well-respected doctors and scientists (many of them Nobel Laureates) have found that cancer and disease in general doesn’t operate or develop the way that we’ve all been taught that it does. Disease is not what you think it is, but if I tried to talk too openly about it, it would challenge everything you know about the world including your beliefs about what does and does not cure cancer.

A lot of people avoid things that challenge the basis of their existence. So I’ll skip all that stuff and just talk about how these cancer cures have been helpful to our family.

Last year at this time, we were living in a different house and we were getting ready to return to the United States to put on our big Halloween event. We cooked all our food ahead of time because I knew that the food in the United States is poor in nutrients and I didn’t want for us to get sick during the event. We were under a lot of stress because we also had to try to get our temporary residency permits on this trip. And the Halloween event was always a little dangerous for us because police weren’t always present at the event and every year, we had people who threatened other people (or us) with some form of violence.

As we left Guanajuato early in the morning for the states, I had a panic attack. I’d never had a panic attack in my life.

On the way back to the states, I had several panic attacks. I knew that panic attacks are caused by too much not too little oxygen so I was able to control the problem by putting my hand over my mouth, but it was seriously uncool to have this problem.

To keep the story brief, we did our event, got our residency permit, and returned to Guanajuato. When we got to Guanajuato, I was so low on energy, I almost couldn’t function. All of us were very tired. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with me.

It was around this time that I noticed the spot on John’s forehead.

My first reflex was to make an appointment for him at a doctor’s office. This was despite all the things I already knew about cancer. Luckily, he couldn’t get in right away. That gave me some time to stop and think. It gave us about 2 weeks for John to try putting a mixture of baking soda, coconut oil, frankincense, and apricot kernel oil on the spot (in equal proportions). After 3 days, the spot dried up and fell off. About 2 weeks later, it reappeared, but it was smaller and lighter. Over the past year, it has dried up and fallen off several times, each time smaller and lighter.

But Lydian, John, and I were still really tired. I thought maybe we had a systemic candida albicans infection. Something was really wrong with us. Systemic candida is no joke. As a rule, people have a lot of trouble overcoming it because most people don’t realize that systemic candida infections and cancer are related things that can be treated as almost the same disease. Below are the things we used to get rid of Systemic Candida:

  • Vitamin B17/Laetrile/Amygdalin (500 mg 4 times per day or 40 apricot kernels spaced throughout the day)
  • Pancreatic Enzymes
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) + Dimethylsulfoxide – up to 12 drops of MMS + 12 drops of the activator + DMSO every hour
  • Bentonite Clay (this stuff is essential for anyone with a fungal infection of any kind)
  • Baking soda and water (1 tsp 5 times a day, 30 minutes before and after meals)
  • Iodine supplements
  • A sugar-free diet of mostly steamed foods

Some of these things worked faster than others, but all of them are important for good health. For example, have you ever wondered why grapes in the United States are almost always seedless? Why are seedless grapes better? Well, they’re not, but seedless grapes help keep the Cancer Industry in business. Seeds in grapes contain vitamin B17 (that’s the bitter flavor in the seeds) and vitamin B17 deficiency is the root cause of most degenerative diseases including cancer. People who do not get chemo, radiation, or surgical treatment for their cancer, but instead seek out vitamin B17/Laetrile therapy in Tijuana, Mexico or elsewhere (since vitamin B17/Laetrile is illegal in the United States) have an almost 100% cure rate from cancer.

As it turns out, vitamin B17 is also helpful, if not essential, in treating systemic candida albicans. (By the way, vaginal yeast infections are related to systemic yeast infections. Women who have recurrent yeast infections shouldn’t just keep using the over-the-counter treatments. The systemic candida treatment noted above works on vaginal yeast infections too.)

I suppose you think that iodine supplements aren’t necessary. You don’t need iodine because you eat iodized salt, right? But did you know that iodine vaporizes out of the salt down to only about 20% within only a few days of opening the box? Did you also know that in the United States, ,bread was once iodized instead of salt and that bread was a much better vehicle for iodine supplementation? Did you know that in Japan and in other places where people eat a lot of seaweed (which is super-rich in iodine) that very few women get breast cancer and the incidence of reproductive organ cancer is significantly lower or non-existent? Taking iodine supplements has been a real life-changer for our family. Excess fat literally melted off of every single one of us. Lydian and I didn’t think we had weight to lose, but without exercise or any kind of deprivation dieting, we lost all the excess fat we had. John had a tiny belly from his high-school days when he ate McBreakfasts every day before school. That fat had clung to him even when he and I ran 10-12 miles a day in the states. But without any kind of exercise or dieting, with only iodine supplementation, John lost that fat within a couple of months. He lost so much weight so fast that his skin was lose around his mid-section for several weeks.

Many of us are “brominated”, particularly Americans. Every soda pop you drink contains bromine which competes with iodine for space in your body. Bromine is a sedative. Iodine makes you awake. It makes your brain alert. And it also helps people lose weight. Bromine causes people to gain weight, in contrast. When we started taking iodine supplements, John finally lost belly fat that had been clinging to him since he and I met 22 years ago. In other words, after TWENTY-TWO YEARS of extreme exercise and what we thought was a healthy diet of mostly fruits and vegetables John finally lost all his excess weight by putting a few drops of Lugol’s iodine on his wrists every day. I sent some iodine to my parents and my mom turned back into her feisty self after only a few weeks. For years she’d been saying, “I just feel so tired,” every time I talked to her. Finally, after taking iodine for a few weeks, she had something else to say. Every American should be taking 10 drops of Lugol’s iodine, 5% every single day. No joke…it’ll change your life.

Doctors were curing cancer at a 13% cure rate with nothing but pancreatic enzyme supplements back in the early 1900’s. As a comparision, chemo has a 2-3% cure rate. Anyone who eats meat should take pancreatic enzymes and/or consider eating little or no meat (or even better—do both!). If you want to know more about how pancreatic enzymes work, send me an email at jennifershipp1976@gmail.com and I’ll send you our 3-volume Cancer Cure Catalog. I send it free to anyone who asks for it.

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) and DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide) are some of the most scandalized substances currently known to conventional medicine because they’re both amazing in terms of what they can accomplish health-wise. Between these two substances, they would put conventional medicine as people currently know it, out of business. One man with a C5 fracture from a car accident not only survived his accident and the fracture (most people die if a fracture occurs above C7), but walked out of the hospital because doctors gave him large doses of DMSO within hours after his accident. DMSO is FDA approved for the treatment of cystitis, but the FDA makes sure that no one knows about this drug. Its medicinal actions are diverse and powerful; so diverse and powerful, in fact, that experts who are knowledgeable about DMSO refer to it not as a drug but as a medical principle. Our family uses DMSO on all kinds of things to treat all kinds of health problems, but you have to use DMSO carefully. It makes your cells permeable. Read up on it before you use it. MMS is similar. You need to read a little bit about this stuff to understand how it works, but it can cure AIDs, herpes, malaria, and diabetes. Again, for more information, I’d be happy to send readers our 3 volume Cancer Cure book. The book contains all the links you’d need to find out more about these substances. You can follow the links and read the research yourself to decide if you think these things are worth knowing more about…

Speaking of internet links:

Links are important because many (all but a very few) of the cancer cures that have been legitimately researched by knowledgeable doctors and scientists are scandalized online. Big Pharma has worked really hard and spent millions, or perhaps billions of dollars covering up the research that supports these cancer cures. Why? Because if consumers can easily find the research proving that MMS works or that DMSO can make it possible for would-be paraplegics to fully recover their ability to walk, Big Pharma and The Powers That Be would go out of business. Many consumers look up DMSO or MMS online and the first few pages of the Google search are things like “Quackwatch” or some article by the Sloane Kettering Memorial Center about how MMS is bad and people who use it are idiots. I used to write this kind of SEO-bullshit for companies. It’s called “spinning” and the goal is to write according to an algorithm so that the article ends up near the top of search results. It’s not hard for big companies to write lies and follow a particular algorithm to get articles to the top of the search results at Google. Recently, in fact, Google released a new algorithm specifically geared at medical topics. As I understand it, this algorithm favors content written by doctors so most of what I write about medicine will be covered up. What other scientists write about medicine will be covered up unless it conforms to a particular standard. This is called “censorship” folks. With censorship, what you don’t know, can hurt or kill you. Always remember that just because an article is on the first page at Google doesn’t mean the information is correct, honest, or truthful. What it does mean is that this information is becoming a part of the popular mythology of the culture. When it comes to healthcare, being on the first page at Google is not an accurate way to measure the information’s actual value or truth.

But back to curing candida and cancer.

Bentonite is essential when patients are fighting anything fungal. It’s amazing stuff. It works almost immediately. Most cancers are caused by a mycobacterium (or a bacteria that looks and behaves at times like a fungus).

I know that a lot of people don’t like the idea of a sugar-free diet, but those people have never worked seriously with monk fruit. Lydian is an expert in sugar-free desserts that don’t taste terrible. I mean, if you’re eating refined sugar, then when you stop eating refined sugar, you’ll have cravings that are stronger than what cocaine addicts experience. There’s nothing anyone can do to prevent this. Refined sugar is more addictive than cocaine so you’ll have to go through withdrawals to stop eating sugar. It takes about two weeks to get through it. Then you can visit Lydian’s blog at www.travellingtreats.com for sugar-free dessert recipes to keep your life rich and yummy even while eating healthy.

There are so many other cancer cures that I couldn’t possibly list them all here, but they’re in our books (The Cancer Cure Catalog) and I’ll send them to you via email for free. Many of these cancer cures also work to cure other degenerative diseases or chronic infectious diseases including Multiple Sclerosis or diabetes (as I mentioned before). Recently, we bought a Rife Machine and though it works slowly, it did make our health better. It treats disease vibrationally. A lot of people have used the Rife Machine to treat Lyme Disease specifically or West Nile Disease.

Cancer isn’t a diagnosis to take lightly. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or if you feel concerned that you’ll be diagnosed with cancer (because you’ve had it before or because family members have died of cancer), you’ll want to follow a Cancer Protocol. It’s essential that cancer patients change their diet and lifestyle in addition to following some specific treatments all at once. If I were a cancer patient, I’d start with Protocel/Entelev because this is one of the only stand-alone cancer cures available, but even Protocel/Entelev needs to be followed up with a full Cancer Protocol that includes a cancer diet, specific supplements (in particular vitamin B17, iodine, and pancreatic enzymes), and alkalinizing of the body (using sodium bicarbonate or Cesium Therapy).

Needless to say, I’m not a doctor. I don’t have a degree in medicine. I’m just a person who’s read a lot of stuff, talked to a lot of people, had some interesting experiences, and seen a lot of things all over the world. Patients tend to contact me only after their doctors have sent them home to die because chemo, radiation, and surgery didn’t work for them. The cancer cures currently known to experts who know about these things are powerful, but not toxic like chemo and radiation. If you want to know about these cures, I’ll send you our books and you can pass them on to others. It’s getting harder and harder to get the word out about cancer cures so my hope is to pass this information on to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

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