Accidental Weight Loss and Other Magic Tricks – By Jennifer Shipp
Guanajuato Mexico North America

Accidental Weight Loss and Other Magic Tricks – By Jennifer Shipp

This is such a silly picture of John, but it shows how thin he is. I took the picture after Garfield jumped up on him and left a bunch of paw prints all over him from the cement dust at our construction site. I’ll never get John to post for a weight-loss photo so this is probably the best I can do as far as proof goes…

When I was in high school and even junior high, I compulsively worried about my weight. Realistically, I had an “eating disorder”, but let’s not be dramatic. In retrospect, I would say that most Americans have an “eating disorder” in that they wish they could lose weight, they try to diet, starve themselves for a day, and then binge for three days to make up for the lost time. For me, the problem was jogging. I did a little too much of it in an effort to be thin. But no matter how far I ran, I was just never quite thin enough.

I enjoyed jogging a lot. It was a type of meditation for me, but in excess, it actually hurt my body. When I got to college, I ran 20 miles per day for 4 to 5 days of the week and supplemented that workout routine with weight training. On the weekends, I’d head out to go jogging for 4 hours, which is quite a chunk of time given that I also had homework and work to do too. When I was pregnant with Lydian, I jogged several miles a day (slowly and often with plodding feet) until the day before she was born.

John took up jogging after we’d been married for several years and jogging together became a time when we would catch up with each other. When John and I first met, he was a smoker and he had a belly from years of eating McBreakfasts before school. Often, in our early years of marriage, he would choose Mountain Dew over water. He had severe allergies and IBS. But over time, after several years of jogging together, he lost some weight. After a stint of severe poverty in the early 2000’s, when we gave up meat due to a lack of funds we realized that meat, in particular beef, was the cause of John’s “IBS” (is it still Irritable Bowel Syndrome if the problem is caused by food? I think not.). This revelation made us wonder about the other foods we were eating and the other health issues we had that seemed unpreventable.

It was hard, but one day, John gave up the Mountain Dew. He lost 20 pounds almost immediately. We stopped eating fast food. We both lost 10 more pounds. We cut out milk and all dairy products. More weight dropped off. Then we cut wheat. Wow. We lost more weight. Then we got rid of all processed foods. No more potato chips. No more Fritos. We stopped eating processed sugars. I stopped drinking coffee almost 20 years ago and that changed my life. No more urinary tract infections. No more anxiety problems. I stopped having issues with overbooking myself in terms of work. John stopped drinking coffee about 5 years ago and experienced the same benefits (sans the relief from urinary tract infections since that was never his thing).

The year before we left the United States, John and I would go out and jog 10 miles a day in an effort to get rid of that stubborn belly fat that clung to him. We had an excellent diet as Americans; a vegan diet of mostly fruits and vegetables and only a few whole grains. It didn’t make sense to me that he couldn’t get rid of that weight. I thought maybe it had to do with our mercury amalgam dental fillings and heavy metal poisoning. Or maybe that we were lacking some nutrients and that as a result, his body was holding onto that last bit of fat. I refuse to accept that the body can’t heal or that it can’t recalibrate itself and I felt strongly that something was seriously awry. A normal person who jogs 10 miles a day will lose excess weight. Why could John not get rid of this extra weight around his mid-section no matter how good our diet was and no matter how many miles we ran in a day?

Now I know.

On our way to Guanajuato, when we moved here, we stopped in Tijuana and got our mercury fillings removed. I’d been writing for a client about toxic ingredients in beauty products and cleaning products for about a year and I’d seen too many videos of mercury fillings “gassing off” and I figured it was a good investment to get those damn things removed once and for all. And it was, although the removal process can make a person sick too (FYI), so it’s good to plan ahead for that.

About 3 months after we arrived in Guanajuato, John and I both noticed that we’d lost weight without trying. We were still jogging about 5 miles a day at that time, but otherwise, our diet was the same (we thought). But our food here in Mexico is fresh. We buy fruits and vegetables fresh. The vast majority of what we eat comes in straight from the fields each day. The cost of these foods is almost 10 times less than we were paying for the same (but much less fresh) thing in the United States. So we actually bought and consumed more fresh fruits and vegetables than we had been before. But we lost weight nonetheless. And that was cool. But it gets better…

Lydian and I started on a project that began as something small. It was just going to be a quick compilation of the cancer cures that we knew about from having traveled to different places outside of the United States. What started as a small project blossomed into 500 pages of awe that has totally changed our lives.

In April or May (I can’t remember), I researched and wrote about Iodine. Yes, that’s right: Iodine. You may scoff at me and say, “Yes, I get plenty of iodine…my salt is iodized, thank you very much.” But did you know that iodine vaporizes out of your salt box within only a few days after it’s opened? Did you know that before the current medical regime in the United States took hold that bread not salt used to be iodized and that bread was a much better source of iodine because the iodine didn’t vaporize? Why, you may wonder, would the Powers That Be decide to iodize salt then?

That’s a good question.

You might also wonder why they’d replace the iodine in bread with bromine. Or why they’d start replacing the chlorine in swimming pools with bromine. You might wonder also why your children’s pajamas are sprayed with fire retardant that contains bromine. And why the United States is the only country in the world that’s received a pardon to go ahead and keep spraying fruits and vegetables with methyl bromine (a pesticide). While the rest of the world has vowed to get rid of methyl bromine because of its harmful effects on people and the environment, the U.S. government has decided on your behalf that it’s okay. If you aren’t wondering about bromine and its effect on your life, you should be. If your body is exposed to bromine, bromine competes with the iodine that your body actually needs. And that’s no small thing…

Did you know that bromine makes people fat? That’s right. It slows the metabolism and makes people gain weight.

Did you know that bromine also makes it hard for people to think clearly? It causes foggy-headedness. It makes people sleepy and lethargic. Women who lack sufficient amounts of iodine are significantly more likely to have fertility problems or to birth children with major developmental delays. Exposure to bromine can exacerbate iodine deficiency.

And now, you might wonder why the government would sanction changes that amp up childhood exposure to bromine while lowering people’s access to iodine? You don’t even know the whole story of it yet and how fake studies (specifically the Wolff-Chaikoff study) were done “proving” that iodine is toxic in high doses. Your doctor is probably scared of regular-old-iodine (the stuff they put in salt) because they’ve been taught to be scared of it. But did you know that in the early 1900’s it was one of the most widely prescribed medicines for a wide variety of ailments and that it worked? Today, your doctor will shoot you up with radioactive iodine before they’d ever prescribe the good stuff—you know…iodine. Why? Because they don’t know the story of iodine or how it works. They don’t know that in places like Japan, where people eat 13 mg of iodine a day, that women rarely get breast c@nc3r or other reproductive organ c@nc3r and that research has shown that breast c@nc3r and iodine deficiency are related problems. They don’t know that women especially suffer from the lack of iodine and the high levels of bromine. But this is an outrage. How is this possible?

That’s a longer story, but I don’t want this article to get flagged and suppressed so I’ll save that for another time.

Back to Mexico and weight loss.

So in May, I wrote about iodine and then I ordered the “good stuff” (Iodoral and Lugol’s iodine). You can’t just use the stuff from your pharmacy because you need potassium iodide as well as iodine to feed all the different glands in your body that need iodine to function properly. At this time, when we started our iodine supplementation, John, Lydian, and I thought that we had been thoroughly thinned. John still had a belly, but we had accepted it. We’d decided that maybe this was just “his build”.

Four months later, John’s belly is gone. It melted off of him like snow in July. He’s lost fat that we didn’t even know that he had on his body. And I haven’t been this thin since I was a freshman in high school. Lydian has even lost weight (even though she was already a bean pole).

But the strangest thing about all of it is that after we started taking the iodine supplements we stopped jogging. I mean, we’ve been really busy, but I’ve never not jogged…EVER. Jogging was something that I felt like I absolutely had to do in order to keep from getting a fat ass. I felt like I needed to jog to feel okay. To feel healthy and alive and awake. But I don’t feel like I need to do it anymore. John and I walk now. We amble. And I don’t “feel fat”. How the hell is that possible? I can hardly believe it…

Recently, on a trip through Veracruz on our way back from a biomagnetism seminar in Tuxtla Gutierrez, I noticed that I “felt fat”. I thought maybe I was just tired, but then, the next morning, I realized that the shower water smelled funny. It didn’t smell chlorinated, but it smelled treated and it dawned on me that it was probably brominated. John and Lydian had noticed that “fat feeling” too. And they’d also noticed the smell of the water. So, as an experiment, I increased my dosage of iodine for a few weeks after that and sure enough, the “fat feeling” went away.

People say that after they take iodine supplements for a month or two (or sometimes longer depending on their daily exposure to bromine) that they suddenly “wake up”. I know what they mean. For me it was a slow awakening, but it was still significant. Before we came to Mexico and before we started taking iodine, I was weak and lethargic a lot. I blew off the feeling and tried to deny it or push through it. But now I get understand why I felt that way. And I want other people to know about it because it can change their lives. It can save their lives.

Give your kids iodine supplements. You can just put 5 or 10 or 30 drops on their skin every day (you can’t overdose on iodine). Kids with ADHD will sometimes snap out of their funk if given the right diet and the right supplements. People who are struggling with infertility may find that they have no problems conceiving after they detox from the bromine and increase their iodine levels. Women with breast c@nc3r may find that their breast c@nc3r goes away with iodine supplementation. Stop drinking soda! It contains brominated vegetable oil! And don’t swim in pools that are brominated. It’s a bummer, but bromine used to be considered a drug and the people who “used” bromine were diagnosed with Bromism back in the day. Would you soak in a tub of cocaine or meth? Would you throw your kids into a pool full of PCP? Probably not. People should know about this problem. If you’re lucky enough to be reading this, consider sending it to a friend. There are some big players in high places who work hard to cover this kind of information up so that Americans don’t wake out of their bromine-induced slumber. If you’re trying without success to lose weight, start taking iodine supplements. You may still need to change aspects of your diet too, but iodine will give you a big boost.

Stay away from fast food. Bromine is in vegetable oils. It’s in mattresses and cell phones. Fluorine (note the –ine at the end of the word, just like in Iod-ine), like bromine, disrupts the body’s ability to absorb iodine too so filter your water. Use baking soda instead of toothpaste to brush your teeth. And wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

Don’t expect immediate miracles. In fact, you’ll need to take iodine for a while (like 6 months to a year) before your thyroid is fully stocked on it with all the bromine in the U.S. environment. There are quite a few side-effects that can happen as bromine leaves the body (including a rash). The rash is not an allergy to the iodine. It’s bromine leaving the glands and exiting from the body via the blood stream. You might have some facial twitching, urinary tract irritation, anxiety, and general irritation, diarrhea, or acne as the bromine is purged from your system. Read this article to learn more about what to expect as you detox from bromine and come back to life with iodine.

Whenever I talk to someone who’s having trouble losing weight, iodine is the first thing that I suggest to them because this supplement can give a much-needed boost of energy and enthusiasm to the process. I don’t think people who are struggling with obesity have a problem with will-power. That’s bull-shit. Obesity is a multi-layered problem and I believe that most people could lose their weight if they knew what they were really up against; if they knew the real enemy, so to speak. But I’ll leave it at that for now and just say that iodine can take weight loss (and general health) to a whole new level.

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