A Worm In My Mexican Lettuce — By Jennifer Shipp
Guanajuato Mexico North America

A Worm In My Mexican Lettuce — By Jennifer Shipp

These are strawberries, not lettuce…chances are they contain a lot less bromine than the strawberries in the states.

There was a worm in our lettuce that we bought at the veggie vendor today. John said, “You’d never see something like that in the states and…if you did…” I finished his sentence, “…you’d take it back to the grocery store and ask for a new head of lettuce.” But rather than being upset about the worm, John and I celebrated his presence. First of all, our head of lettuce cost us less than a dollar. So whatever about the worm. But secondly, (and most importantly), the presence of the worm told us that that head of lettuce probably hadn’t been sprayed with insecticide.

I’ve been doing some heavy reading lately about stuff like iodine. Don’t ask how I ended up reading about iodine, but I’m on my second book on the topic and yesterday I spent my afternoon reading research abstracts. Iodine, as it turns out, has captivated my attention because it’s the socio-political missing link I’ve been searching for. You see, after cataloging nearly 100 different cancer cures with Lydian on a project that has turned out to be life-changing for us, I realized something. The Powers That Be have succeeded in suppressing these cures one-by-one, which has been a lot of work, let me tell you. They use a lot of linguistic tricks to do it, calling them “unproven” (unproven means not proven yet–which is different from “disproven”) or “unsafe” (which means “unsafe for Big Pharma”, not “unsafe for consumers”) . The political story of each of these cures is always jaw-dropping. The laws and policies that keep cures for major diseases at a distance from the American public are incredibly insidious. And after marinating in this information for months and years now, I have to say that there’s still one gateway through which people can find cancer cures: information, namely in the form of books and published, carefully selected research.

Often, I can’t find the most important research studies online. Their titles are there, but the abstracts are absent. The research can’t be accessed. Hmmm.  Google searches turn up jaded bits of propaganda. How the Big Boys cover up the information is acrobatic at times in terms of technology and linguistic tricks. But nevermind that. I’m a big believer in the idea that humans can overcome almost anything because they have a frontal lobe.

So in my mind, if I were one of those Powerful Individuals up there on my Big Mountain of Money and I wanted to protect myself and all those dollars in these times when new discoveries are constantly leading to new cures, I’d dumb down the American public. I bet it took some time and research, perhaps tax dollars, and donations from the stupefied public to organizations that appear beneficent, but eventually these greedy Powers figured it out: iodine. Or more specifically, bromine, since bromine makes people sleepy, docile, and fat. And bromine also makes people who are already deficient in iodine even more deficient (because bromine competes with iodine for receptors in the body).

The United States is the biggest consumer of bromine. Big corporations put a big dose of it an kids jammies to makes sure everyone is properly brominated (read: sedated) from an early age. While the Montreal Project gave almost every country in the world (except the U.S, of course) until 2005 to quit using Methyl Bromide as an insecticide because of its toxic effects on the environment and the ozone layer, the U.S. has gotten an exception every year. So rest assured, if you live in the states, you consume bromine every time you eat a tomato. Women with fibrocystic breasts might be interested in knowing that their pain (and increased risk of cancer) is due in large part to bromine.

But not just bromine actually. Flourine too. Because, you see, bromine, fluorine, and iodine are all halogens. Notice the –ine at the end of each of them. So they compete with each other in the body. I used to dismiss these coincidences and say, “It was probably an accident. No one knew that bromine or fluorine would lead to a sedated public and a tragic upsurge in breast cancer.” But after reading the book World Without Cancer along with The Conquest of CancerThe Iodine Crisis, and several Mark Sircus MD books (among others), I can say that I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. I’ve been looking for iodine—or rather bromine (and to some extent fluorine). It was missing piece in the puzzle that answered the question, “What are they doing to sedate the public?” I’ve learned through my research that in the case of a big epidemic or an upsurge in a particular disease, it’s not as likely to be something “they’ve” added as it is to be something they’ve removed. In this case, it’s both. I’ve read this statement again and again:

Bromine makes people stupid and fat. And there’s probably bromine in the couch you’re sitting on to read this. There’s certainly bromine in the computer you’re using. And if you ate bread today or had a cola (or a Mountain Dew–especially Mountain Dew), it’s in that too. You’re thoroughly brominated in you’re in the U.S., I guarantee it.

So I’m happy about having a worm in my salad here in Mexico. Because worms and insects in a fresh head of lettuce is an assurance that my salad is free of bromine among other things. I feel blessed, yes blessed to have the worm. And for having spent several years shunning “iodized” salt in favor of unrefined Himalayan sea salt. It costs more, but eating Himalayan sea salt has probably made me smarter and less sick. I feel lucky for the misshapen strawberries and the somewhat unsightly tomatoes at the outdoor vendor where we buy our fruits and vegetables. These fruits and veggies are the real deal. They’ve never known a conveyor belt, a ship, or airplane and they came fresh out of the field that morning. I love how sticky the mangos are here in Mexico because they’re real mangos.

I’m grateful to not be living in the place that uses the most methyl bromide in the world: the U.S. I’m grateful to not have to worry that if my family gets cancer, that I might have to fight to get them the treatment they need because those treatments are “illegal” in the United States (Laetrile/Vitamin B17, for example). As Lydi and I collect more and more information, I’m convinced that there is a cure for everything. Americans have been taught that there isn’t a cure for anything.

We’ve been taught to fear the worms in our lettuce rather than fearing the chemicals that kill them (the worms and the people).

If you’d like a rough-draft copy of our book of cancer cures feel free to email me at jennifershipp1976@gmail.com. The book isn’t complete, but we’re offering if for free to people who’d like some help finding a path to health.

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