Jennifer’s Summer Solstice Sapito Session 2017 — Mexico
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Jennifer’s Summer Solstice Sapito Session 2017 — Mexico

I’d never heard of Sapito before the local curandera here in Mexico approached us to try it during the Summer Solstice. Sapito or the Sapo Frog Medicine, is an excretion by the Bufo Alvarius frog found in the Sonoran deserts of Mexico. The excretion contains 5 -meo-DMT, which makes it a powerful entheogen. Sapito, when smoked, produces an effect that lasts from 20-30 minutes (or longer in my case–the length of the trip depends on the person). It’s powerful stuff, to say the least. In the video, I laugh about how I’d compared it to LSD or shrooms before the experience. It was NOTHING LIKE LSD! My experience was that I was falling and falling and falling and then dissolving into pure consciousness, which was terrifying.

At the beginning of the video, I make some sounds as I felt myself falling. Inside my head, I was screaming as I fell. After this initial sensation of perpetual falling, I didn’t feel my body anymore. I made motions like I was going to vomit, but didn’t. I “woke up” once and then again but then fell back into a stupor two more times. I did some life reviews. Each time I woke up, a voice was speaking to me about what to do. The primary message was about connection and unity. That I am who I am because of the people around me. That I exist because they exist.

My Sapito experience was “terrifying” and “awful”. It was really was. I experienced dissolution of my self and a disconnection from my body. But this was what I wanted, so in that sense it wasn’t a bad trip. But even now as I write this, only five days later, I have a hard time really remembering how awful and terrifying it was. After we got home late that night, I felt over and over again that I was dissolving. And then, I had a vision that my tongue was being cut out of my mouth. It lasted only momentarily, but it left an impression. I spent the rest of the night thinking about how horrible it would be to have my tongue cut out of my mouth. The bleeding, the pain, the inability to communicate. It was vivid and profound. A corollary thought was that people do horrible things to each other.

In summary, Sapito is not a recreational activity. People do it to heal or to explore their Inner Consciousness. It’s not “fun” the way that LSD was sometimes “fun”. It’s a serious substance and I was really glad to wake up to a ritual setting with people around me who had such an excellent energy. Doing this frog medicine either as Sapito or Kambo could definitely be a traumatic experience in the wrong setting. The Sapo Frog Medicine contains properties that enhance immunity and reduce inflammation. It’s uses as a medicine are many and varied. Kambo contains the peptides dermaseptin B2 and B3 that have both anti-bacterial properties as well as cancer-fighting properties. But the most obvious type of “healing” that was apparent to me while watching the other people take Sapito was emotional. It was like emotions that had solidified in the body (due to trauma or just emotional difficulty) were released all at once.

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