Reality Before Sapito in Guanajuato, Mexico
Guanajuato Mexico North America Trips

Reality Before Sapito in Guanajuato, Mexico

“How do people heal themselves?” This is my biggest question…the question I ask over and over again in every country we visit, in every place we live. Life itself is a process of healing in some cases. In others, it’s a process of accumulating baggage and burdens that we carry as long as we can, until someone shows us how to let go. I believe that many illnesses aren’t physical. They aren’t mental. They’re spiritual. Medical models that incorporate spirit into their systems often have miraculous effects. And I can’t deny it. I’m interested in miracles.

Sapito is one of those substances in the shamanic repertoire that can provide miraculous results. Sapito, or the sapo frog excretes a substance that has different effects in different situations with different individuals. Finding honest and information in English about Sapito is nearly impossible because every substance that has psychoactive effects is considered wrong and bad in western culture (unless the substance has been modified by pharmaceutical companies and packaged in pill form). These are cultural beliefs. And they’re unfortunate. Because people heal themselves using plant-based or in this case, animal-based medicines. This is particularly true when these plant-based or animal-based substances are offered as part of a healing ritual. There’s nothing like dying and coming back to life to have a group of loving souls surrounding you, offering up words or encouragement like, “there is no death, but only unity.” Unconditional love can be hard to give as it is to accept. Shamanic brews and concoctions can change our orientation to the world and the people in it. Thank God these concoctions exist.

If you’d like to know more about sapito in Mexico, or if you’d like to see videos of our experiences with sapito, contact us at and we’d be happy to share our videos with you and more information about who to contact about participating in a sapito or ayahuasca ceremony.

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