John’s Summer Solstice Sapito Session 2017 — Mexico
Guanajuato Mexico North America Trips

John’s Summer Solstice Sapito Session 2017 — Mexico

The Bufo Alvarius Frog, found in the Sonoran Deserts of Mexico, excretes a substance that contains 5-meo-DMT. This substance can be applied to the skin using Kambo sticks or by heating it up and then smoking it. A curandera that we know in Mexico approached us on a Thursday evening to tell us about the Sapito Ceremony (Sapito Ceremonía de Medicina) that took place just after the Summer Solstice on a Saturday night. John and Lydian had never done any kind of psychedelic drug or entheogen before, but we trust the curandera and decided to go and at least watch the ceremony.

After two other people took their turns smoking Sapito, John decided to go for it and try it himself. Initially, after his first few puffs, he saw some bright colors. Then, after some restful moments of seeing world as though he was looking through a video camera with night vision, he locked eyes with Lydian (seated behind him). Inside his head, he was saying, “I love you so much…” over and over again, but actually he was silent. It didn’t matter though. Lydian started to cry and they just looked at each other for a long time. John said that when he locked eyes with Lydian, he felt like he stared at her forever. It was a powerful moment.

Later, John told me that it was like he’d been on a bad trip for 20 years and the Sapito was like the first time he felt “good”. Of course, over the days following the experience, he’s admitted the effects are more complex than that, but overall that Sapito has helped him emotionally to connect to other people.

The Sapo Frog Medicine is known for a variety of healing properties including it’s ability to boost immunity and cancer-fighting abilities. It has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties and it’s been shown to reduce depression in some people.

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