Hoxsey Cancer Treatment Center: The Bio Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico
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Hoxsey Cancer Treatment Center: The Bio Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico

The Hoxsey Clinic (aka Bio Medical Center) in Tijuana, Mexico has been successfully treating cancer for years. The Harry Hoxsey Formula is affordable and it works. Patients need not undergo chemo in order for it to be successful. Canadians, Europeans, and Americans flock to this place for treatment because it represents a viable cancer cure that’s simple and effective and much healthier for the body and immune system than chemotherapy.

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  1. curso de tiaras para bebê

    Continue o incrível site! Muito bom mesmo!

    July 15, 2017 Reply
  2. Laura Mamo

    Dear Sir, Madam,

    I am a 65 year old woman who has been diagnosed with cancer for the 7th time. I had 5 times breast cancer and one ovarian cancer which had spread to the bowel. I had a bilateral mastectomy done over the years and about 15cm of the bowel removed. I have also taken chemotherapy for three times and also radiotherapy for three times.

    This time I am diagnosed a recerrence of breast cancer again with R pleural effusion and several pulmonary metastatic nodules, a few pleural based nodules on the R side including R para-sternal pleural involvement which is also involving the anterior chest wall and deep part of the subcutaneous fat. Moreover there is bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy L>T.

    Abdomen and pelvis: There is a small amount of fluid in the R pelvic cavity but no other significant abnormality was observed.

    I also have significant osteoporosis.

    Please can you help me choose the right treatment for me? Do you offer effective natural treatments instead of chemotherapy and radiation please?

    May 17, 2018 Reply
    • jennifershipp

      Oh my goodness, Laura! You’ve been through a LOT!

      I am sending you the rough draft of an Encyclopedia of Cancer Cures that I’ve been working on for some time. Even though it’s just a rough draft, it will give you an idea of the no-chemo, no surgery, no-radiation treatments that are available to you.

      After spending several years reading intensively about no-chemo cancer cures, I have to say that the most compelling theories of cancer have to do with 1) a vitamin B17 deficiency and 2) an infection. Though these two things may seem unrelated, from what I’ve read, I would say that the infection is brought on by a low immunity caused by the vitamin deficiency.

      I’m not a doctor, but I can tell you what I would do if I were in your position. Considering that you’ve had cancer 7 times, I would imagine that you’re working with a tight budget:

      1) Though there are MANY treatments you could use to cure your cancer, one of my favorites is the High pH Therapy (Cesium Protocol). The reason why I like this therapy is because it works quickly, you can do it at home (ONLY with support from a knowledgeable healer who works with Cesium, however—see below), and it gets rid of the pain caused by the cancer almost immediately. Another reason is because it can be done at the same time that you’re getting treatments with Laetrile/Vitamin B17.

      2) GET SUPPORT: Contact The Wolfe Clinic in Tennessee. Their phone number is 1-877-359-6950. As I understand it, they will be able to help you do the Cesium Protocol (also known as High pH Therapy). You can purchase the supplies for the Cesium Protocol at http://shopthewolfeclinic.com/cesium-protocol.html.

      If The Wolfe Clinic doesn’t resonate with you, I’d recommend contacting the Hoxsey Clinic. I’ve appreciated working with the people at Hoxsey. Their email is info@hoxseybiomedical.com.

      3) DIET: Start on a cancer diet right away. There are several diets listed in the ebook that I sent to you. The Binzel Diet is one of my favorites, but you can choose whichever one would work best for you. Buy only organic fruits and vegetables. Eat lots of fruits that contain seeds and eat the seeds too (apple seeds, the almond-shaped kernels inside the pits of apricots and peaches, strawberry seeds, watermelon seeds, etc.)

      At the end of each listing, there’s a list of references to help you find the books and materials you need to do that particular diet. I usually recommend doing a diet that includes primarily vegetables and fruits with brown rice until you get better. Since you’ve had cancer 7 times, it would be wise to avoid eating meat or any animal products. In The China Study, researchers showed that simply by not eating meat, you can “turn off” cancer.

      You mentioned that you have osteoporosis. I’d recommend that you watch the documentary Forks Over Knives. This documentary will help you understand the actual relationship between consuming milk and osteoporosis. The documentary also summarizes The China Study and talks in depth about cancer and diet so it’s 2 hours well spent! Studies have shown that dairy products actually cause osteoporosis. Perhaps you know this already. The documentary very clearly explains why dairy products cause osteoporosis. A diet that EXCLUDES milk and other animal products like cheese will be beneficial for your osteoporosis.

      Buy a juicer. Juice lots of carrots every day along with a variety of other vegetables.

      DO NOT EAT SUGAR. AVOID ALL SUGAR. Sugar feeds cancer. Without sugar, cancer cells diet. So eat a lot more vegetables than fruit right now until you’ve fully recovered!

      4) Find a clinic that offers vitamin B17/Laetrile I.V.’s. The Wolfe Clinic may offer laetrile I.V.s. Another clinic that may offer laetrile I.V.’s is the Conner’s Clinic in Minnesota. They’re phone number is 651-739-1248 or you could contact them via email at info@connersclinic.com. The Conners Clinic can also help you with the Cesium Protocol.

      It’s VITAL that you do I.V. therapy with laetrile/vitamin B17 because, like I mentioned above, there’s substantial scientific evidence that cancer is a vitamin deficiency disease. Like scurvy, which is caused by a deficiency of vitamin C, if you can correct the deficiency, your body can heal itself. There are many, many cancer cures out there, but to make the cancer STOP COMING BACK, you need to correct this nutritional deficiency. The nutritional deficiency seems to cause an immune dysfunction that allows a dormant bacteria in the body to “wake up”. These bacteria, in turn, cause your cells to stop breathing and instead they ferment glucose (lots of it, which is why you should avoid sugar so as to make it harder for the cancer cells to survive). You won’t ALWAYS need to do I.V.’s, but you’ll always need to make sure you EAT THE SEEDS OF FRUITS like the little kernels inside the apricot pits! Crack open those pits and eat the bitter tasting almond-shaped kernel inside.

      Be sure you get the Laetrile I.V.’s as soon as possible. If you can’t locate a clinic in the U.S. that offers Intravenous Laetrile, go to Tijuana to the American Holistic Care clinic located at the Grand Hotel. Last year, when we went to American Holistic Care to have our amalgam fillings removed, the intravenous therapy was about $100/bag. But the vitamin B17 is REALLY IMPORTANT. It’s likely that you’ll see improvements in your cancer just from this therapy alone.

      Below is a link to some raw, organic apricot kernels that you can order from Amazon. Eat up to 20 of them in one sitting:


      5) Purchase a high quality multi-vitamin supplement. Take them daily according to the instructions on the bottle. Also, take high doses of vitamin A, Zinc, and vitamin C.

      6) Purchase pancreatic enzymes. Back in the early 1900’s, doctors used JUST pancreatic enzymes to kill cancer cells. The cure rate using just pancreatic enzymes for cancer was higher than using chemo and/or radiation and surgery. The reason why pancreatic enzymes work is because they circulate throughout your body. They’re not just dumped into your digestive tract for digestion. They actually seek out and destroy the fibrin mesh that surrounds cancer cells. This mesh is what makes the cancer cells “invisible” to white blood cells. White blood cells have a negative charge and this fibrin mesh has a negative charge so the cancer cell, when it’s fully intact, repels white blood cells. But pancreatic enzymes eat away at the fibrin mesh, exposing the positive charge inside the cancer cell. Then, white blood cells can find the cancer and kill it.

      Below is a link to pancreatic enzymes at Amazon:


      7) Finally, the Wolfe Clinic offers DMSO as part of their treatment protocol. DMSO is a wonder-drug. It’s FDA approved for the treatment of interstitial cystitis (a bladder problem), but it’s one of the most versatile drugs known to man. It’s also one of the least toxic. It alone can cure cancer. It is able to penetrate cell membranes easily and it goes inside the cells and “cleans them out”. My family and I take DMSO twice a day internally and we put it on our skin to treat injuries. I’d recommend that you read DMSO: Nature’s Healer to learn more about how amazing this drug is if you’ve never heard of it.

      I would also recommend that you read World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin. You can download the book for free here:


      This book will help you better understand how and why cancer cures have been covered up by the government and big corporations. Reading this book will make you feel more confident about listing to your intuition about cancer treatments and it will help you better understand why I’m recommending that you get Laetrile treatments right away! It’s long book, but worth every moment to read!

      Please let me know if you don’t receive the eBook that I’m sending via email! And please let me know if you have trouble connecting with a facility that will support you as you heal from cancer. There are a lot of healers and clinics out there to choose from. Below is an article from my health blog that gives a quick summary of 14 different facilities that offer no-chemo, no-radiation cancer treatments:


      Best of luck to you, Laura! Please let me know if you have any other questions!

      May 18, 2018 Reply
  3. Stefanie Vargas

    Very informative and easy to understand straight forward article. Thank you

    July 6, 2018 Reply


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