Khao San Road Performers in Bangkok, Thailand
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Khao San Road Performers in Bangkok, Thailand

After spending 8 weeks in Egypt, we jetted over to Bangkok, Thailand and our first destination once we got there was Khao San Road. What a totally different vibe than Cairo, Egypt! A famous book called “The Beach” describes Khao San Road as, “the center of the backpacking universe.” And Khao San Road is centrally located in terms of the most famous tourist attractions in the city (Wat Phra Kaew, the temples along the Chao Phraya River, China Town, etc.). It’s in the Old City known at Rattanakosin.

We didn’t stay along Khao San Road when we were in Bangkok. In fact, we were no where near Khao San Road in our vacation rental, but Bangkok is relatively safe so we were still able to walk there. On our way, we passed through China Town, we saw a photo collage called “Vladimir Putin in Daily Life” at the Russian embassy, and we passed by several temples including Wat Pho.

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