Baby Duckies in Fairbanks, Alaska
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Baby Duckies in Fairbanks, Alaska

There’s nothing cuter than baby animals. In 2014, Lydian and a friend traveled with us to Fairbanks, Alaska, playing gigs with their travel guitar and bass along the way in pizza places and coffee shops. We towed a pop-up camper behind us and stayed at the River’s Edge RV Park in Fairbanks, AK where we found these duckies.

Traveling from Nebraska to Alaska is not the most exciting thing we’ve ever done in our world travels, but there were numerous small rewards that were unique to us. Seeing wildlife living in the wild is probably the most compelling reason to travel by highway from the U.S. to Alaska. One of our biggest goals while we were there was to travel to Deadhorse to the northernmost point on the Pan American Highway since our plan was to eventually make our way to the tip of South America and we wanted to have completed the whole stretch, north-to-south.

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