Our Alajuela, Costa Rica Vacation Rental: Photo Gallery
Central America Costa Rica Hotel

Our Alajuela, Costa Rica Vacation Rental: Photo Gallery

Costa Rica is strange in terms of public transportation. The streets aren’t named and neither are the bus stops. In fact, the bus stops are nothing but a yellow line on the pavement in some places. The vacation rentals we stayed in had one of two problems: either the furniture was hard and uncomfortable, or it was soft and stinky from the damp, humid air. Another important thing to consider when booking a hotel in Alajuela or a vacation rental or whatever, is taxis. They’re expensive in Alajuela. From the city center to Tambor, where our vacation rental was located, it cost us about $15 to take a taxi one way. Atenas, Costa Rica was much more affordable in terms of taxis, but if you’re stuck in Alajuela, you may want to consider taking the bus (which doesn’t arrive or depart on a a schedule…).

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