Driving in Mexico: Offroading in the Prius
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Driving in Mexico: Offroading in the Prius

In early 2017 when we drove from Guanajuato to Monterrey on our way back to the United States, we encountered some traffic. We kept watching cars go off into the ditch, but they were all bigger vehicles that could handle offroading. Finally, when we saw a few little cars go along the dirt road, we went for it (in our Toyota Prius). John still says that we got “really lucky” in making it, since we could’ve easily gotten stuck trying to get back on the road. But in the end we made it. We’d gone offroading in the Prius. After we finished the ordeal, John said that in the new FJ Cruiser that we’d be getting the offroading wouldn’t have been a big deal…

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