Pondicherry India Tourism: Auroville
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Pondicherry India Tourism: Auroville

Before traveling to Chennai, India, I had no idea what “Auroville” was. I thought the best tourist attraction in the area was the Kapaleeswarar Temple in Chennai…but Auroville did WOW us and not in the typical way that tourist attractions do either! Auroville is a city where a small cult of followers  worship a woman who calls herself The Mother. But shhhh…we don’t talk about it, because there’s NO RELIGION IN AUROVILLE (according to The Mother).

Auroville is not a tourist attraction, though there are loads of tourists there. And it’s not a religious “thing” though the two identifiable leaders of the place, one who goes by the name “Sri” Aurobindo and the other who calls herself, “The Mother”…names and titles that certainly suggest religious thinking. The title “Sri” could be translated as “Mr.”, this is true…but it can also be the title for a god, so, I guess, each person has to decide for themselves whether Auroville is totally innocuous or whether it’s a place where the Divine Consciousness is seeking to get away with something that’s a little bit shady…

We tried not to be cynical, but Auroville is a city that wants to be made fun of…

And of course, the train ride between Chennai and Auroville was unforgettable too…

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