Indian Hotels: Where to Stay in Mcleodganj
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Indian Hotels: Where to Stay in Mcleodganj

In this video, our family talks about the hotels we’d seen and experienced first-hand in Mcleodganj. When we first arrived in Naddi Village (near Mcleodganj), we stayed in a pre-booked vacation rental, which turned out to be a nightmare. The next day, after sleeping on molding beds and pillows, we walked downhill to find a new place to stay and ended up at the Asian Health Resorts and Spa. This video shows the room that we stayed in for $140/night in 2016 along with some of the less appealing features including mold in the bathrooms and a duvet cover that didn’t fit the duvet. Still, this hotel was rated 4 stars and it was one of the nicer hotel options available in Mcleodganj.

We also talk about our perception of the Hotel Sahil Plaza, a place that we checked out in the Mcleodganj city center near the Dalai Lama Temple and the Shambhala Hotel and Restaurant. If you’re planning a trip to Mcleodganj, be prepared for the worst and bring a silk coccoon blanket and some air pillows to get you through the experience, just-in-case.

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