Driving in Mexico: Colombia Bridge Border Crossing
Mexico North America

Driving in Mexico: Colombia Bridge Border Crossing

On our way back to the United States from Mexico, we crossed at the Colombia International Bridge. We had a Banjercito Vehicle Permit and we had to get a refund for that before crossing officially into the United States. We weren’t sure which building to go to our how to go about getting this refund, but it turned out to be a really straightforward process. We got lucky and stopped at a small building after our car was inspected (we had purchased about 100 rubber chickens for a project in the states and the officer had to give them a good squeeze to make sure they weren’t filled with drugs or something) and a woman removed the Banjercito vehicle permit sticker from our car and gave us our deposit back. Super simple. But be sure to ask people about the “Permiso” sticker before you officially cross over if you need a refund. Just keep asking and someone will direct you to the right place.

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