Turkey Tourism: Deep Tunnel in Secret Underground Cities
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Turkey Tourism: Deep Tunnel in Secret Underground Cities

After visiting Derinkuyu Underground City in 2010, we were all excited to go find some more to visit. This one, located somewhere in more rural Turkey, was less well known and fewer tourists visited it. We weren’t sure how we felt about it, but we decided to brave a long, dark stairwell leading into the underground city. We walked down the stairs further and further until we were hardly able to stand up anymore. Eventually, we decided that it felt unsafe and that we didn’t want to go any deeper, so we turned around and left. For visitors to Cappadocia, Derinkuyu is a must-see; it felt safe, there were tour guides available and arrows pointing for which way to go through the underground city, and a well structured tourist shopping area right outside with trinkets and other fun things.

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