Travel Inn Cave Hotel in Cappadocia
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Travel Inn Cave Hotel in Cappadocia

We stayed at the Travel Inn Cave Hotel in Göreme during our 2010 visit to Cappadocia in western Turkey. When we first arrived at the hotel, we were enchanted and intrigued by the idea of spending the night in a cave. In this video, we check into the hotel and walk to our room. We were set to spend the night in the “Black Onyx” room, which at the time was set up with only one bed. So, Lydi would sleep on an air mattress. At first, the idea of sleeping on an air mattress was exciting to her, but by morning when the mattress had almost completely deflated and she found herself lying on the floor of a cave, it was so exciting anymore. At the beginning of this video, John remarks that “the heat will come on soon.” We joked for a while (after “soon” had passed) that maybe they had to shovel coal into a furnace to warm the space. By the time we went to bed, we were seriously considering the possibility that this was what was actually going, rather than something more sophisticated like firing up a boiler (or something). Upon further investigation of our room, we noticed pubic hairs in the jacuzzi filter (and in the bed)… but, we’ve learned during our travels to Arabic countries that occurrences such as these are somewhat to be expected. And now we bring along “cocoon” blankets and blow-up pillows just in case.

But, it was still an interesting experience. We don’t regret it, and staying in a cave hotel is practically an essential experience if you’re visiting Cappadocia.

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