Beijing Tourism: Failed Attempt at Finding Tiananmen Square

It was our first full day in Beijing. We’d already been to the Temple of Heaven, but our next goal was to find Tiananmen Square. We were jetlagged and very tired because we walked a long, long way. Lydian talks about where we came from, where we were trying to go. She points out the Forbidden City in the distance. No matter how hard we tried that day, we just couldn’t find Tiananmen Square. Every time we thought we were getting close to it, we’d get hemmed in by something that prevented us from getting there.

Even though we didn’t make it to Tiananmen Square, Lydi still learned some things (and so did we). As traveling homeschoolers, we were still working pretty hard at this time to make sure she squeezed something educational out of every day of our trip. Lydi was only 11 years old in 2011 when we visited China.

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