Asia Health Resorts and Spa: John Talks About Internet Vouchers
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Asia Health Resorts and Spa: John Talks About Internet Vouchers

In this video, John talks about the “Internet Protocol” at the Asian Health Resorts and Spa. For the most part, our time in Mcleodganj was spent off-the-grid in terms of online access. Though it’s possible for us to leave the modern world and all our Internet connections behind for a few days, we hadn’t planned to be quite so isolated and unavailable to clients while we were in Mcleodganj. The people at the front desk insisted that the Internet was fast, even as John showed them a time-test on his computer and demonstrated that it clearly was not. So, if you’re traveling to Mcleodganj as a digital nomad, be aware that you may not have great Internet availability, unless things have changed in a big way since mid-2016.

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