The Dharamsala Airport Experience
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The Dharamsala Airport Experience

Forget everything you think you know about airports because India, specifically Dharamsala is on a totally different planet. The Kangra airport looks modern in some respects, like an icon of airports, but there are some differences between it and say, DIA (Denver International Airport).

This video details our experiences at Kangra Airport in Dharamshala from arrival through boarding the plane.

At the Delhi International Airport, signs are posted everywhere that say, “Clean Airport, Clean India” which is hilarious since India is not clean, but the airports are immaculate. This “Clean Airport, Clean India” philosophy resonates throughout India, even in Chennai where 60 giant glass panels in the airport have fallen out at unexpected moments… though the Chennai Airport was clean, it wasn’t SAFE. The Dharamsala airport experience is just, strange…luckily we had some mung beans to snack on while we waited and watched the weirdness before flying back to Delhi.

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