Turkey Tourism: Travertine Terraces
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Turkey Tourism: Travertine Terraces

Having never before travelled outside of the United States, we decided in 2010 that we wanted to go overseas. So, we booked tickets to Turkey and embarked on a 10 day self-drive “tour” of the western part of the country. In this video, we enjoy the Travertine Terraces in Pamukkale, Turkey. There was a place we could’ve left our shoes, but we decided to take them with us. On the other side of the Travertine Terraces (AKA the Travertine Falls) was the Hieropolis, an ancient Greek city in Phrygia. This was our top things to do in Turkey, since it was so unique (we haven’t done anything like it since). For those interested, there are thermal baths at the top of the Terraces as well.

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