Hotels in Beijing China: The Yongdingmen Part II
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Hotels in Beijing China: The Yongdingmen Part II

When we first checked into the Yongdingmen Hotel, Lydian took a video of the room to show how clean it was. Keep in mind that the video was taken in 2011, so the hotel may have changed since that time. The Yongdingmen is conveniently located in Beijing as long as you’re willing to walk. Beijing isn’t a very friendly city for non-walkers (there are lots of really steep stairs at almost every tourist attraction in the city), so bring some comfy shoes, ideally closed-toe shoes since the streets are kind of dirty.

On the first night of our stay at the Yongdingmen Hotel, some men down the hall made a lot of noise. John got so frustrated that he opened the door and “shushed” them around 3:00 AM. The hotel staff moved us to a new room that was identical to the first a few days later, which was inconvenient, but much quieter. Overall, our experience at the Yongdingmen was positive. It’s a good and affordable place to stay while you’re in Beijing, especially if you have kids.

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