Hotels in Beijing, China: Checking into the Yongdingmen Hotel
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Hotels in Beijing, China: Checking into the Yongdingmen Hotel

In this video, we check into the Yongdingmen Hotel. We’d just flown into Beijing from Seattle and it had been a long time since we’d slept, but Lydian goes ahead and talks about what she sees as John takes care of the bill. There’s a restaurant on the bottom level of the Yongdingmen and the staff was friendly and helpful overall. The hotel was relatively clean, though basic, but it had everything that we needed. For the price (I think we paid about $600 USD for our entire 15 night stay in 2011) it was an INCREDIBLE deal. “Renny”, an English-speaking guide, picked us up from the airport and also drove us to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. For the rest of our stay, we walked to the Puhuangyu Metro Station and took the subway all over the city to wherever we wanted to go.

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