Varanasi Tourism: Hindu Fire Ritual Clips
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Varanasi Tourism: Hindu Fire Ritual Clips

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen the Hindu Fire Ritual in Varanasi, India. We didn’t even know what it was when our guide asked us if we wanted to go. Originally we said, “no,” because we were exhausted and unmotivated. What’s the Hindu Fire Ritual? But our guide insisted that we didn’t want to miss it. We left at dusk from our hotel (the Holiday Inn, Desani) and walked to the ghats as the sun was setting. The sunset was, of course, spectacular. And the ghats are always interesting no matter what time of day you visit. Then, we made our way to the area where the ritual took place. It was filled with people sitting on the ghats and on boats floating on the Ganges River. The music was intoxicating. The air, as you can see in the videos, had a golden hue to it from the candles burning. The Hindu Fire Ritual is more than just a performance: it’s a religious ceremony and it’s truly magical. If you travel to Varanasi, be sure to go see it!

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