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Varanasi Tourism: Arriving at the Hindu Fire Ritual

We almost didn’t go to the Hindu Fire Ritual in Varanasi because we didn’t know what it was and we were exhausted. I’m so glad our guide insisted that we go! The videos that we took of the Hindu Fire Ritual don’t do it justice, but it’s absolutely magical. If you’re doing tourism in Varanasi, be sure to find a guide to take you to the ghats for the fire ritual. People light little butter candles and place them on the Ganges River. An evening walk along the ghats alone, with all the sadhus, sick dogs, and people loitering around was fascinating by itself!

Be aware that touts will try to get you to buy a candle and then they’ll take your picture as you put it in the water (and then sell you the picture for an inflated price).

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