Shopping In Beijing: Hongqiao Pearl Market
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Shopping In Beijing: Hongqiao Pearl Market

When we visited China, it was only the second overseas trip we’d ever done, so we still went shopping and bought souvenirs. Since that time, we’ve learned that souvenirs do nothing but weight us down on long trips around the world. And they aren’t necessary. But still, it can be fun to go shopping to see how the locals buy, sell, and trade goods. The Hongqiao Market was like an indoor mall filled with all kind of goods. It wasn’t very “cultural” or quaint. I probably wouldn’t make a point to go back to it if I was in Beijing unless I needed some electronic equipment that I couldn’t find elsewhere. I didn’t see any spectacular “deals”. There are lots and lots of knock-offs in China so I think a person still gets what they pay for, even at the Hongqiao Pearl Market in Beijing…or at least that was my sense of it.

This video shows us walking up to the Pearl Market. It doesn’t show the inside of it, which was a little overwhelming with all the vendors screaming, “Hey LADY!” at me.

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