Mcleodganj: Shambhala Hotel and Restaurant
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Mcleodganj: Shambhala Hotel and Restaurant

Unfortunately, my iPhone was dropping frames when I videotapes my visit to the Shambhala Hotel and Restaurant, but for people planning to visit Mcleodganj, this is an excellent hotel option. It’s located close to the Dalai Lama Temple and the Mcleodganj city-center and it’s extremely affordable. As you can see in this video (even though the audio/video is off), the owners are very pleasant and they speak English. The rooms are clean, though a little dark (I only saw one room…the other rooms might have more light). There’s a comfortable-looking restaurant and coffee-shop downstairs and right next door is a fruit and vegetable vendor.

We originally made reservations to stay here after our first night at the Asian Health Resorts and Spa, but unfortunately, they didn’t have a triple room available at that time. The cost for a double room in 2016 was 800 Rupees per night. Though the Shambhala Hotel and Restaurant doesn’t have a web site, they do have an Indian telephone number: 889-406-2303.

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