Mcleodganj: Lydian Gets Ready for Bed at the Asian Health Resorts and Spa
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Mcleodganj: Lydian Gets Ready for Bed at the Asian Health Resorts and Spa

The night before, our first night in Mcleodganj, was spent in a vacation rental from hell (moldy pillows and mattresses, no electricity, that sort of thing). By our second night, we’d tracked down the Asian Health Resorts and Spa. In this video, Lydian prepares for bed in our triple room. She’s upset about how hard the bed is, but the sheets are, at least, clean. There’s a little mold in the bathroom, in the tub, and as with all things in India, the electrical wiring is a little wacky in places. But overall, based on other hotels we’d seen in the area, the Asia Health Resort was livable. The view was nice and they offered Ayurvedic massages.

To get from the Asian Health Resorts and Spa to Mcleodganj, we had a choice: we could either call a taxi via the front desk and then wait until it got there (which could be a while) or we could walk down the road a little way to a short-cut that led to Dal Lake where all the taxis and tuk tuks parked at the junction with Mall Road. We usually opted to walk and then find a tuk tuk (900 Rupees). The exercise was nice, the view was good, and it was always an interesting experience to ride in the tuk tuk. On foot, the walk from the Asia Resort to Dal Lake took about 10 to 15 minutes. The ride downhill from Dal Lake to Mcleodganj then took another 10 to 15 minutes. Although when John and I read about this 30 minute commute online, we were concerned that it would suck up a lot of our day–like it would be a waste of time–in the end, the walk and the rides downhill ended up being some of the most memorable parts of the trip. Watching the videos (see below) of the commute makes me want to go back…

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