Asian Health Resorts and Spa: Scheduling an Ayurvedic Massage
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Asian Health Resorts and Spa: Scheduling an Ayurvedic Massage

Technically, the right place to get an Ayurvedic massage would be in southern, not northern India. But it was raining heavily outside and Lydi and I saw an opportunity for a new experience. The Asian Health Resorts and Spa offered Ayurvedic massages for about $42 USD. In this video, we schedule the massages, which were different than we’d expected. I went first just in case something ‘weird’ happened and Lydian decided to opt out. There was a small portion of the massage devoted to “breasts” which was a little bit unexpected, but not really weird since it wasn’t “sexual” per se. Lydian decided to go ahead with her massage even despite the fact that her breasts would be massaged. Afterwards, she said that the experience was a lot less “weird” than going to the Hammam in Morocco where women cleaned other women…thoroughly.

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