Medical Travel: Quick Visit to the Hope4Cancer Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico
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Medical Travel: Quick Visit to the Hope4Cancer Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico

John and I work remotely for clients when we travel. My work mostly involves medical writing for clients who want some kind of writing done about alternative medicine or controversial medical topics. My research as a writer along with my background in medicine has made me interested in things like a cure for cancer. Whenever possible on our travels, we visit places that claim to cure chronic diseases including cancer. It’s amazing what’s out there! I’ve come to believe that it doesn’t matter what ails you, if you believe you can find a cure and you set out to find it, you will!

Needless to say, there already IS a cancer cure. In fact, there’s more than one, and I’m not talking about chemotherapy. Chemotherapy and radiation CAUSE cancer. I think most people intuitively know that chemo and radiation are toxic and therefore ill-advised for people with cancer, but there’s a rock-solid system in place to convince us, as Americans, to follow the herd instead of following our intuition. Despite this though, there are a LOT of Americans who have discovered places like American Holistic CareHope4Cancer (featured in this video), the Biomedical Center, the Gerson Clinic, and, in the eastern hemisphere, Dr. Yeshi Dhonden in Mcleodganj, and the whole country of Latvia where RigVir was developed. (RigVir, the cancer vaccine, is also available in North America through Hope4Cancer clinics in Mexico, by the way). Can you survive stage 4 cancer? Yes. People do it all the time, but the stories are suppressed in the United States.

For people who are too sick (or scared) to travel to Tijuana for cancer treatment, it’s possible to receive some of these treatments at home via mail. There’s very little to lose and everything to gain from giving these options a try as a cure for cancer. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, there’s a lot of pressure to go ahead with chemotherapy. To NOT to chemo is likened to a death sentence or suicide. My hope is that by seeing that these clinics are alive and well and that there are a LOT of other people visiting them will help spur the next generation of cancer patients to overthrow the current system in the U.S. Imagine a world where cancer can be cured with simple herbal treatments, hyperbaric treatments, and vaccines instead of chemo and radiation!

In this video, Lydian and I went into the Hope4Cancer clinic while John drove around the block in the FJ Cruiser to find a parking spot. We’d hoped to get a tour of the facility. I sent several emails in advance hoping to be able to see the inside of the treatment rooms, but it didn’t work out. Still, I think it’s helpful for people considering this type of treatment to see how accessible the facility is and how “normal” it looks on the inside. The man at the front desk was friendly. The lobby was small, but the clinic itself appeared to be quite large just beyond the door and the lobby at the entrance. There are nearby lodging options available for patients and it’s possible to walk to the beach from the clinic. It’s a nice area of Tijuana. Certainly nothing to be scared of…

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