Medical Travel: The Hoxsey Clinic or Bio Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico
Baja California Mexico North America

Medical Travel: The Hoxsey Clinic or Bio Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico

The Harry Hoxsey formula is famous for its ability to cure cancer. The formula is an herbal treatment and patients are also given dietary recommendations to follow as a cure for cancer. The Hoxsey cancer treatment is similar to the Mcleodganj cancer treatment protocol prescribed by Dr. Yeshi Dhonden which also involves a specific herbal remedy along with dietary recommendations. Though herbal formulas clearly work to cure cancer, the pharmaceutical companies in the United States refuse to acknowledge these treatments because they aren’t patentable under U.S. law (and therefore are not as profitable as chemotherapy and other treatments that actually cause more harm than good).

Originally, I had an appointment to get a tour of the clinic, but I had a schedule conflict that arose at the last minute. So the lack of a full tour was my fault and a big bummer. Still, Lydi and I were able to stop by and see the inside of the clinic, the lobby and the entrance to the treatment rooms. We filmed carefully so as not to capture the faces of individuals who were there for cancer treatments. Mike welcomed us to read the patient log books in the lobby. These were definitely inspiring so we read a few of the logs out loud into the camera for people back in the states who are interested in getting the Hoxsey formula.

There are several cancer treatment centers in Tijuana that offer cancer hope to both recently diagnosed patients as well as those who are wondering, “Can you survive stage 4 cancer?” While the Biomedical Center, Hope4Cancer, American Holistic Care, and the Gerson Clinic all offer different cancer cure options for patients in Tijuana, on the other side of the globe, people are flocking to places like Latvia for the RigVir cancer vaccine, or Mcleodganj to the Dr. Yeshi Dhonden Clinic.

It takes courage to go against what your doctor prescribes when you have cancer, but you have to follow your intuition. What feels right to you? More and more people today are doing just that, deciding with success, to opt out of chemotherapy and radiation in favor of treatments like the Hoxsey tonic. When you arrive at any of the cancer treatment clinics listed above, you’ll find people who are full of hope, self-disclosing, and friendly. People who are excited to tell their stories and support each other as a community. Though your doctor may make you feel as though you’ve chosen the wrong path if you say “no” to chemotherapy, there are plenty of other patients (and doctors) at any of the Tijuana alternative cancer clinics who will support your decision.

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  1. Michael Bay

    Trying to contact someone at The Hoxsey Treatment Facility. Interested in information. My brother has Stage 4 Cancer. Please send phone number to correspond. Thank you

    December 2, 2017 Reply
    • jennifershipp

      Hi Michael, I’d love to answer any questions you have for me! I’m not a cancer expert, but if you’d like more information about our experiences looking at cancer treatment centers in Tijuana, please let me know!

      December 6, 2017 Reply


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