Delhi: Food and Leprosy
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Delhi: Food and Leprosy

It’s hard to describe India to anyone who hasn’t been there. There’s no reprieve from it, even inside when we’re “at home”. The particular apartment that we rented was in a “nice” area of Delhi, but the furnishings had crusty stains all over them and the silverware was “sticky”. There were pubic hairs all over our sheets. So we cleaned the sheets, wiped off the crusty stains, and washed the silverware. But no matter how hard we tried to keep the place clean, it didn’t matter because the impoverished and shoe-less caretakers (who lived outside in the parking garage with nothing but a couple of blankets and a plastic lawn chair to their names) would come into the apartment willy-nilly whenever they brought up the bottled water or sensed we had some “need”. Because they were barefoot and the streets outside were filthy, there was no way to keep the ick out. And one of the caretakers had a bandage wrapped loosely around a wound on the bottom of his foot…

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