Holistic Dentist and Cancer Treatment Facility in Tijuana
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Holistic Dentist and Cancer Treatment Facility in Tijuana

The holistic dentist in Tijuana, Mexico was located in the lower level of the Grand Hotel in Tijuana. In this video, John, Lydi, and I enter the hotel and walk through the lobby to find American BioDental and American Holistic Care (a medical treatment facility that offers alternative cancer treatments as well as alternative treatments for fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases). Note the luxurious atmosphere. It’s a NICE hotel and a lot of the dental and holistic care patients stay there while they’re getting work done. In most cases, it’s more affordable to stay at this five star hotel for dental care than to have the same work done in the United States.

Though we went to American BioDental to have our mercury amalgam fillings removed and replaced, many of the patients (perhaps 50% or more) go there to be treated for cancer. On one side of the facility is the dental clinic and through a door inside is American Holistic Care, where patients do chelation therapies, light therapies, and a variety of other treatments aimed at curing chronic or (so-called) “terminal” diseases like cancer. During our dental treatment, while the lab worked on our new fillings, we sat on the American Holistic Care side of the facility getting chelation IV therapy to remove mercury from our bodies. On that side of the building, we sat with cancer patients. There was a woman there from California with her husband. He had bone cancer. Another woman came all the way from Israel for treatment. She was a medical student! These people sat around talking with each other, telling their stories. It was a hopeful place, not at all what you’d expect from a cancer treatment facility.

There are a number of alternative treatment centers in Tijuana offering a cure for cancer. American Holistic Care is one of those facilities along with the Bio Medical Center, the Hope4Cancer clinic, and the Gerson Clinic. On the other side of the globe is the country of Latvia, where RigVir, the cancer vaccine, originated (RigVir is also available at Hope4Cancer clinics in Mexico) as well as Dr. Yeshi Dhonden, a Tibetan medicine practitioner who lives and works in Mcleodganj, India (he was once the Dalai Lama’s doctor).

Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer are often told that their only option is to pursue chemotherapy or radiation if they want to survive cancer. Doctors in the United States poo-poo the idea of a cancer cure that doesn’t involve chemo or radiation. Pharmaceutical companies work hard to set up research studies that “prove” that these treatments don’t work. Many of these studies are completely bogus, but they’re designed to keep chemo and radiation on the market. Cancer is an incredibly profitable disease for certain businesses in our capitalistic healthcare system in the United States. Consider that when your doctor tells you that chemo is your only chance to live. Does your doctor know that much of the research on cancer in the U.S. is a fabrication designed to keep pharmaceutical companies in power? As the cancer patient, you have to decide what’s right for you. A lot of people today are choosing to follow an “alternative” path back to health by doing chelation therapy, taking the RigVir vaccine, ingesting special herbal tonics (like the Hoxsey tonic, Essiac Tea, or Dr. Dhonden’s formula) rather than undergo the torture of chemotherapy.

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