4 Cancer Treatment Centers That Cure Cancer without Chemo in Tijuana, Mexico — By Jennifer Shipp
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4 Cancer Treatment Centers That Cure Cancer without Chemo in Tijuana, Mexico — By Jennifer Shipp

Lydi does some homework in a recliner at American Holistic Care while I get IV chelation therapy and wait for my dental inlays to be done through their sister company: American BioDental. Note the cleanliness and comfortable chairs.
Lydi does homework in a recliner at American Holistic Care while I get IV chelation therapy and talk with other American and Canadian patients about their experiences at the clinic. Note the modernness of the facility, the cleanliness, and the comfortable chairs.

Cancer is a terrifying diagnosis. I’ve always felt that if a no-chemo, no-radiation cure existed for cancer, that would be quite a game changer in terms of how people view the world and their lives. What would you do differently if you didn’t have to worry about you or your loved ones undergoing chemo or radiation in a losing battle against cancer? No one wants to believe that they or their loved ones are going to receive that diagnosis but when it happens (and it’s happening more and more frequently in the U.S. today) it can be devastating.

Over the years, I’ve been hired by a number of clients who’ve asked me to write about controversial topics that I didn’t even believe in myself when I began their projects. It wasn’t my job to judge the validity of the information, but just to do the research and then write about it in the tone and style they wanted. Six years ago, I was hired to do an in-depth research project into hormone replacement therapy for a client. I found information that changed my view of medicine forever and since that time, I’ve been hired for medical writing projects that tend to be anti-mainstream. In my early years of medical writing, I was also hired to “spin” articles (make them sound good when they’re really bad) about medical “treatments” that turned out to be dangerous and harmful. As a result of working for clients who’ve asked me to write medical articles like those found on “reputable” sites like WebMD, I’ve learned that a lot of what the public regards as fact…may not be. The truth may be there, online, but it’s been “spun”. My research and writing experiences have made me an advocate for natural and holistic treatments and mainstream medical treatments and diagnostic tools that truly do-no-harm.

Hoxsey Clinic Plaque
This plaque, located at the Hoxsey clinic, commemorates Mildred Nelson for her role in making the Hoxsey tonic available to the world, even after the AMA and pharmaceutical companies pushed the treatment out of the country.

When we travel abroad, I make a point of seeking out natural healers and treatments that aren’t well-known…the stuff that people might scoff at in the U.S. I like to talk to people who are doing non-mainstream medical treatments and find out what their experiences have been. Some of the treatments are very fruit-loops-and-wind-chimes, but some of the weird stuff has seriously altered my view of reality. When it’s safe and possible, we try stuff – health-related stuff — or I at least talk to real people who are trying new and weird things to cure themselves by using treatments that have been covered up by Big Pharma and the American Medical Association.

So this winter, we decided to visit Mexico and we decided to drive rather than fly. After years of reading about the negative health effects of mercury amalgam tooth fillings, I finally got the nerve to make appointments for John and me to get the toxic stuff removed from our mouths. Lydi, luckily, had no mercury in her mouth. I decided to make the appointment in Tijuana because it was on the way (sort of) to our final destination in central Mexico. Tijuana is a sort of Medical Mecca for people seeking alternative cancer treatments that bypass the need for surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Few people in the U.S. are aware of these treatments, many of which were developed on American soil, but were driven out of the country by the American Medical Association. So I’m writing this article to make people more aware.

There are 4 clinics in Mexico that are well-known throughout the world in the medical tourism community as holistic cancer treatment centers. These facilities have had success at treating cancer without or sometimes in conjunction with chemo and radiation. Personally, I’m not a fan of sugery, chemo, or radiation. My research has led me to believe that chemo and radiation actually cause cancer and are responsible for the high rate of remission and subsequent death among cancer patients who use them as their sole form of treatment, but I’m NOT speaking from experience here. I also believe that everyone has to follow their own path when it comes to cancer and sometimes that may include surgery, chemo, and radiation.

Anyone who has received a cancer diagnosis or who has a loved one who’s been diagnosed with cancer should consider looking into these facilities. They’re for real. Of course, there is no cancer treatment that’s 100% effective 100% of the time, but as an American, you’d probably be surprised if you knew how many people don’t get surgery, don’t receive chemo or radiation, but still recover completely from cancer by going to these clinics and receiving holistic treatments. These people are “off-the-radar”…they simply aren’t acknowledged by the medical community and so the general public rarely learns about them. But generally, the treatments on offer at these Tijuana cancer treatment facilities will do no harm and they’re affordable because the economic climate across the border is friendlier so, even for those who feel like they need to do chemo and radiation, other holistic treatments won’t interfere and they won’t break the bank either. For example, sitting in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber won’t hurt you if you have cancer and it won’t affect your chemo and radiation treatments. If you’ve recently gotten a cancer diagnosis and haven’t done chemo or radiation yet, would it hurt to fly down to Tijuana to the Hope4Cancer clinic and try the RigVir cancer vaccine that’s been in use for many years as the primary #1 cancer treatment in Latvia (a country in Europe)?

The 4 alternative cancer treatment centers in Tijuana are:

John, Lydi, and I went to an attached facility (American BioDental) that does holistic dental care to have our mercury amalgam fillings removed. I wandered back and forth between American BioDental and American Holistic Care talking to people and getting some IV therapy while I was between sessions in the dental chair. It was clean, professional, and comfortable. Alex, the owner’s son, did our consultation with us. He speaks English fluently. They offer a wide variety of holistic treatments that have been proven to work.

The whole place was abuzz with Canadians and Americans who had come to the clinic to get treatments for various chronic diseases (like fibromyalgia or diabetes) or cancer. There are too many different treatments to list them all, but basically, if you have cancer, you’d make an appointment to go into the clinic, they’ll use a variety of tests to come up with a treatment strategy and then get started. Treatments are affordable (we paid about 1/12 the cost for dental work of what we were quoted for the same treatment in the U.S.) and you can stay at the Grand Hotel in Tijuana while you’re being treated. American Holistic Care is located on the lower level of the hotel. Or there’s a shuttle that can take you back and forth across the border to San Diego each day.  You can look up the cost of their various treatments online or call them directly. They speak English and they’re looking at setting up an additional clinic in Cancun.

The Hope4Cancer Clinic offers the RigVir cancer vaccine and they have a second clinic in Cancun. I wasn’t able to visit Hope4Cancer on our first trip because my dental work ended up being more extensive than I’d initially planned for. It’s located along the beach and there are places on site for patients to stay. On our second visit to Tijuana, we stopped in just to see the place though they couldn’t give us a tour.

The Hoxsey Tonic was developed in the U.S., but it was too successful at treating cancer. The AMA (American Medical Association) pushed Hoxsey out of the country because pharmaceutical companies could see the imminent end of their chemo/radiation profits if too many people became aware of the treatment. The Hoxsey clinic can diagnose and then send the cancer treatment home with patients. It’s so quick and painless that people in the states don’t believe that it can work…but it can and it does. We visited the Hoxsey Clinic (known as the Bio Medical Center in Tijuana) on our second trip to the city.

The Gerson Clinic is a little more expensive than some of the other treatments, but it’s also all-inclusive. You stay at the clinic for two or more weeks and they feed you and provide lodging for you and a companion. They train you on the Gerson Diet so that you can go home and continue to take care of yourself and heal. The dietary protocol they follow is buttressed by one of the biggest and most comprehensive nutrition studies ever completed: The China Study. It’s compelling stuff if you take the time to read it.

Hope 4 Cancer Center
The door is open at the Hope4Cancer clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. Hope4Cancer offers different cancer treatment strategies than the Biomedical Center in Tijuana, but both have a fairly high success rate treating patients.

People do survive cancer without having to have surgery or do chemotherapy or radiation. Doctors and other health practitioners in the states aren’t educated about alternative treatments or nutritional therapies so they’ll never recommend these places. Don’t blame your doctor for this. Blame the AMA and Big Pharma…these are the people who developed the educational curriculums that train today’s doctors and systematically leave out information about real cancer cures. If traveling across the border seems too scary, you can read about cancer vaccines that are available right now in the U.S. at select universities that are doing clinical trials. Many of these vaccines are seeking to emulate RigVir cancer vaccine results. If you’re willing to travel, RigVir is available right now in Latvia, the country of Georgia, Armenia, and, of course, Mexico.

What would happen if all people everywhere knew that cancer was curable without surgery, chemo, and radiation? I don’t know, but I hope to find out someday.

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