Crossing the Tijuana Border
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Crossing the Tijuana Border

Crossing the Tijuana border was a straightforward process overall once we figured out where to go to get our Banjercito permit (since we were bringing a vehicle into Mexico). The wait for us in January 2017 was reasonable (30 to 45 minutes), but finding the Banjercito offices was the real challenge. We blew right through customs into Tijuana, thinking we’d find the offices on the “other side” of something. Had we gone ahead and parked at customs (even though they didn’t flag us over), they could have directed us to the Banjercito offices. Once we popped out into Tijuana proper though, we were screwed. We had to cross back over to the United States and then cross over into Tijuana a second time to find the place where they give out the Banjercito vehicle permit.

This video should prove helpful to anyone who’s planning to get a Banjercito vehicle permit for Mexico.

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