Holiday Inn Airport in Delhi, India — By Jennifer Shipp
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Holiday Inn Airport in Delhi, India — By Jennifer Shipp

The Holiday Inn near the Airport in Delhi was reasonably comfortable and clean.

Two years ago, we stayed in an Indian hotel that looked pretty good online even though it wasn’t a name we were familiar with. When we arrived to experience tourism in India for the first time, the hotel was quite a shock (specks of blood or something on the lampshades and walls, hairy sheets, and a door that was literally falling apart.  From that experience we learned to take fewer chances when traveling in India. Things aren’t always as they seem online, even at AirBnB, and that’s especially true in India.

In contrast to the hotel we stayed in on our first holiday to India, the Holiday Inn in Delhi, located near the Indira Ghandi International airport was clean. It looked like the photo online. The Internet worked. The staff spoke English well enough. Room service was typical for India. If we asked for 12 bottles of water, we’d get 4. If we asked for 3 boiled eggs, we’d get 6. At the Radisson in Varanasi we’d had the same problem the year before. I haven’t yet figured out why. Maybe it has to do with the language barrier or a problem with “listening carefully”.

If you stay in a hotel like the Holiday Inn in Delhi, don’t get overly confident about other Indian hotels or accommodations. It’s hard to find a clean place to stay and we’ve had a few “nightmarish” or “near-nightmarish” experiences in terms of vacation rentals.

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