Museo del Pueblo, Guanajuato Mexico — By Jennifer Shipp
Guanajuato Mexico North America

Museo del Pueblo, Guanajuato Mexico — By Jennifer Shipp

Museo del Pueblo
The Museo del Pueblo in Guanajuato was a good deal for the price we paid to get in. And it was located near the city center, which made it very accessible.

We’re not really “museum people”, but we decided to visit the Museo del Pueblo in Guanajuato Mexico because it was a destination close to Escuela Falcon, the Spanish language school. It was a small museum with a few paintings and some miniature dioramas of early life in the region. It was definitely worth the 5 pesos to go in and the fun of just trying to find the place.

I asked myself several times why they chose to create miniature dioramas of the history of the region. It seemed as though a larger depiction (one that didn’t require a magnifying glass) might have been both easier and more conducive to the museum environment.  But, on the other hand, miniatures can be fun to look at the way that model trains are fun to look at. And perhaps the miniatures weren’t created for the museum, but were just incorporated into the museum after being created. At any rate, they were interesting enough for the price we paid.

There were paintings and other artifacts in the building in addition to the miniatures. The paintings weren’t as striking as those at other art museums in town (like the Diego House, La Casa de Diego), but we enjoyed the place nonetheless. It was close to Escuela Falcon, though we had to meander through the city for about an hour to figure that out. Sometimes, they put up big banners on the side of the building covering the sign, but it’s right next to the big gothic University structure with all the steps on the street next to the yellow and red Nuestra Senora Basilica.

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