Haunted Guanajuato: The House of the Witches and the Public Cemetery — By Jennifer Shipp
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Haunted Guanajuato: The House of the Witches and the Public Cemetery — By Jennifer Shipp

Casa de las Brujas Guanajuato Mexico
Casa de las Brujas has a dark history and plenty of paranormal activity reportedly goes on here! It’s hard to miss when you’re walking along Paseo de la Presa because the architecture of this building is very different from the other structures around it.

We search for haunted locations and folklore when we travel. Not all cultures accept the idea of ghosts, but luckily Mexico is a place where people are obsessed with the idea of death. Guanajuato is a city filled with fascinating legends and myths. Guanajuato is an old city, dating back to the 1520’s and there have been plenty of tragedies here to keep the ghost stories spinning. Finding haunted places is almost as easy here as in the United States.

We went to the public cemetery in Guanajuato on November 2, during the Day of the Dead ceremonies. This location is almost too obvious as a haunt. Of course there would be tales of dark apparitions and strange mists associated with a place like this. Every year, people gather at the cemetery to attempt to commune with loved ones who have passed over. Marigolds (considered to be the Flower of the Dead), candles, and a variety of “goodies” are used to entice the dead to return for one night to visit those they left behind. The cemetery was abuzz with incarnate festivities when we visited, but Melina, my Spanish conversation instructor at Escuela Falcon assured me that the cemetery is a hot spot for ghosts here in Guanajuato too.

Even more interesting than the cemetery, was La Casa de Las Brujas (The House of the Witches), an old building where Escuela Falcon used to be located. A variety of strange things go on there apparently and in the buildings located nearby as well. Melina told me that tables and furnishings will move by themselves. No one knows why. The name “House of the Witches” is suggestive, but Melina didn’t share any details about witchcraft.

La Casa de las Brujas was under construction when we visited and it wasn’t safe for us to go inside, but you can see from the photos that it’s a striking edifice amidst the others located on the same street. Workers walked in and out of the building carrying big bags of cement or some other type of material. I wish that I had some juicy piece of extranormal evidence to offer paranormally bent readers, but we didn’t get to go inside. All I can say is that the building looked creepy. You can see that for yourself from the photos provided here.

To visit La Casa de las Brujas in Guanajuato. Go to Paseo de la Presa and walk until you see the strange building. It is very different from the others around it. It’s possible to take a bus to the area but Lydian and I trekked there on foot. Don’t walk Paseo de la Presa after dark.

There are plenty of other haunted locations in Guanajuato. Hopefully, we’ll be able to track down a few more of them before we leave for Peru!

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