Making Piñatas at Escuela Falcon, Guanajuato Language School — By Jennifer Shipp
Guanajuato Mexico North America Trips

Making Piñatas at Escuela Falcon, Guanajuato Language School — By Jennifer Shipp

Escuela Falcon Evening Activities
The evening activities at Escuela Falcon are educational, unique, and fun.

There are a number of Spanish language schools in Guanajuato, Mexico. Luckily, we decided to look into Escuela Falcon first. Though it’s a good 45 minute walk from our house (over gigantic hills and up plenty of stairs), it’s worth it. This week, we tried our first evening activity at the school: Making Pinatas.

Every week, in addition to an assortment of daily Spanish classes, at Escuela Falcon in Guanajuato, Mexico, there are evening activities that are open to students and members of the community. This was our first week of classes and we decided to give an evening piñata workshop a try on Thursday, November 7th. One of the cool things about Escuela Falcon is class flexibility. Each week, you can change your schedule and your class roster to fit your schedule and interests. You can also keep your schedule the same, if you want. There is a cool dynamic that happens when the classes and students are constantly shifting and as a traveler, the ability to make changes according to whims and fancies is definitely desirable.

Apparently, the evening activities at the school are generally a hodge-podge of students both from the community and from

Pinata Workshop at Escuela Falcon
The pinata workshop leader also teaches dance classes at Escuela Falcon. His grandmother taught him to make pinatas. We used tissue paper and aluminum foil for the project. There were students of all ages in the class.

the school itself. The classes are conducted primarily in Spanish, or at least this has been my understanding, although there is a free Wednesday night Intercambio where Spanish-speaking and English-speaking folks can intermingle and practice language skills for both languages. We arrived at 7:00 PM to make piñatas and didn’t even think about the time until 9:30 PM when the project ended. Who would’ve thought an arts and crafts project could be that much fun?

I don’t want to divulge piñata-making secrets in this post… They’re jaw-dropping, believe me. But I do have to say that doing activities like arts and crafts is a great way to learn a new language. Kids learn their native tongue this way and it makes sense that anyone studying a new language can more easily pick up new words and phrases in the context of doing something. Other activities that the school offers include tours of the city, movie-nights, and visits to local restaurants (among other things). Call them at 473-732-6531 for more information.

Use Google Maps (or the map function on the BruisedBanana blog) to find Escuela Falcon or call the school for more information. The people who answer the phone and sit at the welcome desk speak both Spanish and English and they’re remarkably helpful. This school in Guanajuato is about more than just teaching language, it is also an important resource to its students.

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