Wreck Beach Basics: Vancouver, British Columbia — By Jennifer Shipp
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Wreck Beach Basics: Vancouver, British Columbia — By Jennifer Shipp

Nudist Beach in Vancouver
More unique than the various other tourist destinations on order in Vancouver, we opted for the nudist beach.

We’ve been here twice, (once on Canada Day, July 1st) and both times I was impressed. It’s hard to believe a laid back, clothing optional beach would exist anywhere in Canada, but then again, Vancouver is a singularly open-minded place. Both times that we went to Wreck Beach, we had trouble finding the location which is why I was inspired to write this post about it.

Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada is located at NW Marine Drive in British Columbia. Call 604-308-6336 for more information about it. This tiny strip of beach is a globally recognized destination for folks who like to sunbathe in the nude, but if you decide to visit fully clothed, this is also allowed. It is the largest of North America’s Naturist beaches which makes it a unique tourist destination worthy of a place in any traveler’s scrapbook. On our trip from Nebraska to Alaska, we made a point to stop at the beach as a part of a “cultural” experience for our two 13 year old co-travelers.

It can be hard to find a parking space in the vicinity of Wreck Beach. This is definitely not a handicap accessible destination. After you locate a place to park your car, you’ll need to walk to the entrance and go down a long, meandering stairway to the beach, which is located at the bottom.  The official Wreck Beach web site recommends the use of public transportation to reach the entrance. If you decide to go this route, hop on a bus that is headed to UBC (University of British Columbia). The official web site provides a list of buses that make a stop at the entrance to the beach.

If you’re driving a car and you don’t want to use the bus or a taxi, go ahead and look for parking. On one of our trips we actually did find a parking spot, but we had to walk quite a distance. It was worth it though.

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