Why You Should Stop at Epic Pizza in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory — By Jennifer Shipp
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Why You Should Stop at Epic Pizza in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory — By Jennifer Shipp

Epic Pizza, Whitehorse Yukon Territory
Our recommended restaurant for those passing through Whitehorse, YT: Epic Pizza.

There are few singularly fun experiences  to be had on the  way through the Yukon Territory in Canada. Mostly there are a lot of trees, frost-heaved roads, some bears, and a lot of moose. The Yukon Territory is mostly about wilderness and mosquitoes with the exception of Whitehorse, a hip little community that makes up for whatever coolness is lacking in the rest of Northern Canada. And nestled within this community is a restaurant aptly named Epic Pizza, which was a memorable and worthwhile stop on our long journey south. In fact, our Epic Pizza experience was the best the Yukon Territory had to offer besides the wildlife and wilderness.

One of the sub-goals of traveling to Alaska and back had been busking (playing music on a donation basis at various venues both indoor and outdoor) along the way. Lydian (guitarist) and Camile (bassist) for Tiger and the Freedom Birds were doing impromptu gigs wherever they could get permission to play and Epic Pizza boasted online about the fact that they hosted live music at their restaurant. Lydian made the phone call and set up the gig and we scheduled our trip such that we would make it there at the right time on our way south.

The staff and customers at Epic Pizza were very cool to the two 13 year old girls. It’s always nice for them to play in a supportive environment.

Whitehorse YT Epic Pizza
There was a small, but supportive crowd at Epic Pizza when Tiger and the Freedom Birds played at the restaurant.

This pizza place doubles up as a bar, but the environment was family friendly and very open (literally…the doors to the outside were both ajar).

We arrived late due to two flat tires, but “Josh” was easy-going about the affair and said that Lydian and Camile could play whenever they arrived. When we got there, the pizza smelled awesome and there was a small crowd of very friendly folks at the bar. We were very pleased with the experience and so it seems appropriate to recommend that everyone who travels along the Alaska Highway to or from Whitehorse, YT should stop at Epic Pizza. The restaurant opens at 4:00 PM Monday through Saturday. It’s located at 38 Lewes Blvd, Whitehorse, YT. Use your GPS to find the place or give them a call at (867) 456-4792. They have their menu online at their web site: http://garlicninja.com/.

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