Day 3 in Progreso, Yucatan: Last Night We Moved into our House — By Lydian Shipp
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Day 3 in Progreso, Yucatan: Last Night We Moved into our House — By Lydian Shipp

It’s a little bare, but it’ll do.

We finally moved into our Progreso vacation rental. It is a nice house… I like it!

Last night, I was going to play my guitar, but there was a man who was apparently going to put some curtains up in my parents’ room. That wouldn’t have been a big deal if there had actually been curtains when we went up to see the “finished” project. We kept wondering what was taking so long (the whole “project” took about forty five minutes), but eventually we just let it go. After a little while, the person we’re renting from and the curtain man came down the stairs and announced that they were “done”. We went upstairs, all happy and excited… There were curtains!

Major disappointment.

We found that all that had been done over the course of the last 45 minutes was the putting up of two little hook thingies. We were surprised. Me and my parents looked all throughout the room, including out on the balcony to see if other things had been done. Nothing had. We did figure out a way to put some curtains up… it wasn’t all that complicated to do. But then, 15 minutes later, the curtain man had to come back in to search for a bag that he had left upstairs. My parents went upstairs to look for it and took down the curtains so they wouldn’t offend the curtain man and all that… The curtain man and the owner of the vacation rental went up to look for it themselves in the end because my parents couldn’t find it.

But on the bright side, dinner was actually pretty good last night, considering we had only 150 pesos to spend at the grocery store. Outside the grocery store, in the parking lot, there was some holiday presentation that was going on (for Christmas). I didn’t understand most of it, but there were people in these very warm looking costumes. They were dancing around and stuff too. But anyways, one of these costumed people walked up to me and invited me to take a picture with… him? Her? I wasn’t sure, but I took a picture. Afterwards, I commented to my mom about how everywhere we go, there seems to be some sort of costumed thing that I take a picture with. Last year when we came to Mexico, it was the TelCel Moose. In a mall.

The grocery we went to was the same one where last year the grocery store police came after my mother. She had went into their bathrooms at the store, and there had been a woman in there cleaning the stalls, toilets, and sinks with the same utensil. There were little bucket in the sinks, if I remember right… So my mom couldn’t wash her hands. She had forgotten her hand sanitizer. My mom went out quickly to get some hand sanitizer to buy, but by the time she had gotten it, my dad had already finished checking out. She discreetly used some of the hand sanitizer from off a shelf, and then put the little bottle back on its shelf, and started back to the door. The “grocery police” came after her holding the little bottle of hand sanitizer. In the end, my mom had to buy the bottle of hand sanitizer.

But anyway, we were able to make miniature taco thingies for dinner last night. They had chicken, peppers, onions, and some spices, and were wrapped in small tortillas that we had bought that day… Normally, finding tortillas at home, or overseas, is a problematic situation due to our various allergies. In Mexico, one would think that there would be homemade tortillas everywhere, along with taco shells, and other Mexican food. Tortillas actually aren’t particularly easy to find (UPDATE: In Guanajuato, there are tortilla shops everywhere. This was a Progreso Thing). There is one place in Progreso in this one big orange structure near to the center of town that contains fruit, flowers, tortillas, and even things like shoes and clothes. It’s definitely a good place to go (especially for fruit).

We won’t have internet in our house until the 26th of December, so I’m sitting at the Café la Habana again to write this. The Café is at the corner of 74 and 19 along the Malecon. Also, street numbers are ordered by even and odd numbers in Progresso… I just re-realized that yesterday.

(NOTE: This post was written when I was 12. I edited it in 2017 for grammatical errors and other technical stuff, but maintained the content to preserve my 12-year-old perspective)

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