Day 2 in Progreso, Yucatan: A Variety of Happenings that Probably Don’t Go Together at All — By Lydian Shipp
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Day 2 in Progreso, Yucatan: A Variety of Happenings that Probably Don’t Go Together at All — By Lydian Shipp

A hammock is not as private as real room.

So we haven’t moved into our vacation rental in Progreso quite yet. Supposedly, the place will be ready at five o’clock tonight, but we’ll see if we actually get there. We learned today that the place that we’ll be staying will not have internet until January 4th, which I think is probably acceptable because we have other places that we can go for internet, like the café that we’re sitting at right now. It’s along the Malecon, and it’s called Café La Habana. It has internet, and plenty of seating… It’s actually a  nice little place. We also can go to our Spanish school (Centro de Idiomas) to get  internet. The other internet location we have currently is our hotel lobby. It has a table.

That’s our current situation, but we keep joking about how maybe we’ll just have to stay in our little hotel room for the rest of our trip, but actually I think we’re slightly serious about that. If we did, we would get by… It wouldn’t be a huge deal. I don’t think.

Last night I went to a bellydance class for the first time in a year. The same teacher was still there… She’s a really good teacher (and dancer) for being so young! She’s probably about 16 now. The class consisted of little girls probably between the ages of five and eight or nine, which surprised me. I would have assumed that the girls would have been at least 10 or 11 at the youngest. Tonight, I have Hawaiian dance classes.

I’m a little worried about getting ahold of my friends because of what times we’re planning on going out jogging (in the evening), and the one hour time change and such… Winter break is coming up though, which will hopefully make it easier for me to get ahold of them.

I’m looking forward to the day when I sit down on a bed in my own private bedroom and play my guitar… I’m finding that if I go for too long without spending some quality time with my guitar I start to go a little insane. If we stay in the hotel again tonight, I’m just going to make myself play my guitar even though my parents are in the room. I’m just going to have to buck it up and deal with it.

I keep forgetting we have four weeks here, and that we’ve already been here for almost a week… On Sunday. So nevermind. It’s only Wednesday. This Sunday will be the one week mark. Currently, we’ve only been here for four days. It just feels like its been a lot longer than we’ve actually been in Mexico. I’m sure that time will start to fly when the one week mark gets here as it almost always does, but right now time is be rather snail-like.

(NOTE: This post was written when I was 12. I edited it in 2017 for grammatical errors and other technical stuff, but maintained the content to preserve my 12-year-old perspective)

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