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Lydian – Day 51 – Okay… I’ve Had Enough of the Whole “Little Bugs Are Crawling All Over Me” Now.

I’m serious. I’ve had it. As I write this I feel like I have various bugs of all different shapes and sizes crawling on me. My mom got bitten by a creepy-crawly yesterday (Ick!). They all hate me, and they all want to kill me, and they refuse to go away. I want to go home to my bug free environment, and that’s just what I’m going to do in seven days.

Yesterday night, I came across a bunch of ants that were crawling on my floor right underneath my bed. My thought was… Brilliant, I suppose that I’ll just get to have bugs crawling all over me tonight. No. Not gonna happen. I went and got me dad, and he sprayed them with the almighty raid. Turns out, the ants actually ran the entire length of my bed, and up the entire wall.

Earlier in the day yesterday I was just minding my own business, messaging my friends, eating some plain chips, when I noticed the most awful thing ever. There was an ant on my arm! Here in Costa Rica, the bug life is very diverse, which means that when you say ‘there’s an ant crawling on my arm’ people could think that you have one of those giant three part red ants crawling on your arm, or one of the little black ones, or simply that there was a speck of something on your arm. It’s hard to tell. I had one of the little black ones on my arm. I must say that it doesn’t help to see something actually crawling on you when you’ve felt like there were things crawling on you for days.

I had one other run in with an ant yesterday as well. As me and my parents prepared to go to the grocery store, we got our new umbrellas that didn’t work much better than the old ones. I took mine, and right as I took it, Mr. Mega Leaf Cutter Ant decided to just crawl out of the umbrella and scare the crud out of me. And so ended my second ant encounter of the day, little did I know I would have a third.

We’re going home, and I’m counting down the days, but I’m also trying really hard not to complain. In theory, if I write out all my complaints, perhaps I’ll stop complaining. That’s what I’m gonna do, and we’ll see what happens.

Last night we watched two movies, and one episode of South Park. Usually, Friday and Saturday nights are things to look forward to. Sweets are usually abundant (for a short period of time), I can stay up later, and we all watch movies. I love it. But that’s back home where our TV screen is projected into a giant wall covered with a framed sheet on it. Here, we watch TV on my mom’s or my dad’s computer. If you watch a show here with lots of dark scenes, you’re gonna have to work to see them, cause it’s difficult to see anything during these scenes unless you lean forward and squint, or if you sit in the middle chair.

The dogs bark constantly here, non-stop, some times more than other times, but they always bark. Recently, when I was out jogging, I discovered that the cute little black and white dog the size of my fat cat back home was the loudest dog on the block that we all mock. I can’t believe I named it Oreo…. It had an owner and everything.

I want an actual granola bar that isn’t the size of my thumb, perhaps. Be warned, the Bio-Land granola bars pictured on the box may look like normal, decadent treats to the average starved person in Costa Rica, but it’s not. It tastes okay usually, but they’re itsy, and one usually has to eat half of the box to feel satisfied.

Despite the fact that Costa Rica practically GROWS chocolate, like, everywhere, chocolate is in short supply. Starbucks are nonexistent as far as I can tell, so don’t expect that there’ll be one. This is a serious shocker, though. I mean, there was a Starbucks in freaking CHINA and there isn’t one in COSTA RICA! PROBLEM!

This might seem a tad irrelevant to Costa Rica, but I can’t be loud here in this house. Usually, I will be loud on a daily basis, somewhere in my house back home. I’ll either turn my music up super loud, or play my drums, or my guitar, or run around some room screaming my head off, and nobody comes running because it’s so hard to hear anything… I like it. You have the choice of making your environment loud or quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes really love the quiet (like right now), but I frequently long for some loudness in my life.

Perhaps Costa Rica is an extremely biologically diverse place, but I’m just not seeing it. I mean, there are plants, lots of them, at that, but I just don’t see what’s so different about each of them. When we went to Manuel Antonio National Park, I almost could understand the whole ‘biologically diverse’ thing came from. But just standing here in Atenas right outside our house, I see a bunch of plants. Maybe if I studied the subject more, I would be able to differentiate a little between the plants, and maybe it would be more interesting. I don’t know.

Anyways, these are my woes, currently…. When I get home in a couple of days I’ll write about what I thought were the good things. It’s gonna be a little difficult for me right now I think to come up with good things about here, but I do know that there are some, which is a start.

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